Welcome to the club

The Eskilstuna Ki-Aikido club (EKIA) was founded in 1991 and has been organizing regular aikido practices for adults since then with different instructors. In 2008 we also started a group for kids and youths. Both adults and kids practice two times a week on thursdays and sundays. Since the fall term of 2016 we also have a practice on tuesdays for teenagers. All new members need to fill out our member form, the easiest way is to do it online at goo.gl/EuVL9r - you can also find more information about the club at www.ekia.net

Since the fall of 2016 we practice in new fresh areas in Munktellarenan, Verkstadsgatan 5.

Den här informationen finns även på svenska / العَرَبِية på www.ekia.net

Practice clothes

When you start practicing aikido you can wear normal exercise clothes, soft pants and t-shirt or such. When you have practiced a while you can buy a white practice suit (Gi) with belt. We make group purchases a couple of times per term (we will let you know when), but you can get started already by going to our website (under Länkar) and fill out the form. The price of the suits are right now 300 SEK for kids and 550 SEK for adults. The suits are paid for the same way as the term fee.


We have two terms per year, with a short christmas break and a longer summer break. The term fee is paid two times a year. Payment is done to our Plusgiro-account: (pg) 837 09 82-4. You either pay at the beginning of the term or when you’ve finished your test practices. Avoid cash if possible. Let us know if you need an invoice, or simply pay over the internet. Just remember to include the name of the member the payment is for. The fee is used for rent, buying practice materials and arranging camps for the clubs members. An insurance for injuries is also included for all our members through the Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet.

At the end of every term we have a grading, where you get to show what you’ve learned so far. Adults pay a grading fee (either 50 kr or 100 kr) if they do the grading. Kids do not pay a fee but when they get a new grade and a new color on their belt they can buy a new belt from the club (50 kr). You get a diploma after your grading.


If you want to contact us it is easiest to do it through our SMS-group, you will automatically become a member when you fill out the member form. Through the SMS-group we also send out information about cancelled practices, suit orders and similar. You can of course also SMS, e-mail or call us directly.

Johan Ahlberg, 070-681 61 83, tenkan@gmail.com

Manuel Stadelmann, 072-2101708, allotria@gmail.com