Today's sermon:

Adult Sunday School: We are having such rich discussion that we still have not finished Lesson 1! We are going to do “Experience the Truth of the Lesson” next Sunday.

Construction Update: From Laurie “The facilities committee hasn't stopped working. We are still trying to get building permits to fix the exterior of our building. The process is just taking longer than expected.

We have been able to confirm that our conditional use permit (CUP) is still valid. It doesn't even have an expiration date, so we don't have to ever remember to renew it! As long as we keep using the property as a church, the county considers our CUP valid in the condition it is in. Praise God, He is watching our backs and providing.

The current CUP shows a new building the church wanted to build back in 1998, but never did. The county considers that "new" building to be a phase 2 to our CUP. This Phase 2 obviously never happened, and isn't currently in the plan to happen so we need to remove it from the CUP.

In order to move forward (and get building permits) we need to complete a process to get a revised exhibit A for our CUP.  The new exhibit A will show the existing building and site with no future expansion. It will also show the exterior elevations that we want to have when we are done with our exterior repair.

So, the facilities committee is in the process of getting prices for the drawings we need to submit to the county.”  Addendum:  Arrow will begin updating our drawings this week.

Wednesday Night Dinner and Prayer Meeting: 5:30

Rosamond Bible Study at Pam's house: 2pm on Thursdays. They are doing 1 & 2 Corinthians.

Bible Study at Ruth’s house: Defiant Joy – Thursdays from 6-7pm. Feel free to bring your dinner along with you.

California Missions Offering – Our goal is $150. If you missed participating two weeks ago, use this link and click on the yellow “Donate” button at the bottom of the screen to access the church’s Paypal account.  Please designate the offering for “CMO”.

Oktoberfest - Saturday nights - Men, bring your favorite craft beer or craft root beer.  The next one is October 20 at 6pm. The location is TBD .

SOCKtober:  Please focus on socks for this month for the homeless.  This month’s socks will go directly to Grace Resources for distribution. Grace’s donations are down right now, so if you can, please make a cash donation to them. Follow this link to make a donation online. 

A Night in Bethlehem – Saturday, December 1 at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills – Tickets are available November 2.

Easy outreach opportunity: Please share the sermon videos on your Facebook account when they are posted.

The church now has a weekly bulletin: It is on the church website under “calendar”.  It is printable and downloadable.  If you have questions, see Ruth.

The October newsletter is available.

Remember to clean the church when it is your turn.  The schedule is on the church calendar on the door and online, as well as in the newsletter.

Church office hours:  Tuesday through Friday, 9am to 3pm.  Other times by appointment.

Young Adult Sunday School – Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God by Francis Chan.

Kids’ Sunday School – Explore the Bible

Adult Sunday School – The Thin Red Line by Kimberly Sowell

Children’s Church – For children kindergarten through third grade

PROJECT HYDRATE:  Please bring socks, gallon jugs of water, and wipes for our homeless outreach ministry.