Coach's Corner - Issue 9

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Creating team culture

I thought I would mention team culture this week because the club faces mini finals this week in all grades.

Div 3 against Geelong West who are in the top four (and the arch enemy)

Div 5 against Bell Post Hill who are in the top four

Div 8 against Geelong Cement who are in the top four

Div 10 against St Leonards who are in the top four/ and we are just out of the four.

Div 11 Blue face Drumcondra who are just out of the four/ we are midfield

Div 11 Gold face Leopold who are on top of the ladder.

Every team has a turning point in the season that lifts performance and morale throughout the team. I felt for div 3 it was last week, I managed to just witness it happen in front of me. I felt as a coach so many aspects of our game just clicked. No we didn’t get 18 points but I felt the team spirit was the highest it’s been.

Skippers identifying weaknesses in opposition deliveries and playing according lengths.

Leaders throwing the jacks accurately with extreme lengths.

Team member’s vocal- encouraging other rinks.

All players involved with picking up team mates bowls- high fives with good and bad bowls.

Constant communication between skips and rinks.

Minimal/clear communication between thirds and skips.

A major part of team culture happens off the green, please be mindful that every conversation that occurs impacts on team culture, both positive or negative. With the position we are in, the club is striving and you can see the mood in the clubrooms after the game. (Brilliant)

I also wanted to mention a skip in div 10 who absolutely loves his bowls, very passionate about his team. It’s refreshing to see on a bowls green, a person who obviously doesn’t care what others think as long as he and his rink are enjoying themselves. I know for a fact with some players this encouragement can increase performance. Bowls is 90 % a mental game, its proven with the pressure-cooks ham philosophy. I won’t mention names but good on you Darren Tapner!

This week we all face mini finals that can set up the season for finals assaults in all divisions. I will be hitting the greens hard this week in order to iron out any creases and I suggest yourself head down this week a little more than usual.

With the weather forecast looking the way it does, I will be practicing long ends in readiness for a sluggish track.

Before I finish up I would like to mention Ash Connoley who has an operation tomorrow on his shoulder. Ash has been an outstanding team member who gives his 100% week in and week out and was playing some consistent top level bowls. We wish him a speedy recovery in time for finals action.

Good luck to all teams this week, let’s stick together and drive our club to the top! Looking forward to fancy dress Saturday night.

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush