MOC General Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2014



Trip Reports


The Gear Game! We identified some pieces of anonymous gear as an external frame backpack and a bike rack…. Good job!


Caroline went ice climbing last weekend and the weather was snow-globe perfect!


The Olympics this past weekend! Ultimate awesomeness. About 150 people from Queens, Sherbrooke, Tufts, Ottawa, Cornell, Guelph and McGill were crammed into the MOC house! Sock-wrestling competitions. Bushwhacking on garbage bags and crashing into rural Quebecers. Good times!


Colin went orienteering for a team building expedition. It had frozen the night before and everyone was wearing a lot of gear. Lots of faceplants. The army is fun.



Trip Announcements


Sarah is going skiing at the house this weekend and leaving Thursday evening. Contact her if you want a ride!


The Nordic ski team is doing cross country skiing lessons! A 2 hour lesson and gear rental is $35. Keep an eye out!


Intro to Telemark skiing trip is heading out this weekend! Still room for more people, especially drivers! <3


Freaks on planks is running on the weekend of February 7th to 9th. Learn about downhill skiing, telemark skiing and snowboarding. Now $160!!!!!! If you have a car it is $100. Come chill at the house!


X –country skiing and ice climbing combination trip on the same weekend as freaks on planks! $60, $40 for drivers. You can do a combination of skiing, climbing, or whatever else you want! and


New Member’s Weekend is coming up this weekend! Signups are still happening until tomorrow! Make sure to pay the rest of your deposit if you haven’t, and drivers need to talk to AJ, our winter rec exec!


Great Canadian weekend trip is coming up on Febuary 1st-2nd! Everything you ever needed to know about being Canadian. Ice fishing, making quinzees, dogsledding, Come to an office hour! $250, $120 for drivers.


Skate skiing day trip on February 2nd!  It is the ultimate better version of x-country skiing. $20, $10 for drivers.  You need to rent skis at the park or can find them yourself!


Gear Party on Monday! There will be pizza. Get a week of half price gear rentals. Sharpen crampons. All you ever needed on a Monday night. Keep an eye out on the listserv!