Prompt from Kate

I wonder:

If the polar ice caps are really melting.

who started electronica

about growing coffee... what the life of a kid working on a coffee plantation is like

make a connection between the coffee I drink and how it's produced

how penguins live in the rainforest (Washington State??)

what are the bulbs growing on my oak trees?

how do planes fly?

what does it take to become an official saint?

the interesting spices of the world: rare, expensive, unique... disgusting (you know salt and pepper... you may even know paprika and..... But do you know? -- this could be a geographic book)

What did "we" get from the Crusades? What did the "invaders" bring back? (lemons, cotton, pasta?)

who are the famous Christian martyrs? Are there martyrs in other religions? A specific one that is best known?

A tour of the best-known military statues--who are these guys... and girls? What women SHOULD be on the statues and what would they look like?

water...water... lack of... sources...?

How do people from around the world FISH? we see "fishers" with rod and reel, but these are hobbies and sport. Contrast that with those who fish in different ways for a living.

Classrooms from around the world.------ Uniforms.

kids in poor working conditions around the world--"I don't want to go to school..."

Prompt from Joe Knowles

A poem/list of ideas for our WIP (Like I even have one of those)

Some boys are big

They are born that way

They stay that way

Everyone thinks he's older than he is

Wiser than he is

Smarter than he is

More mature than he is

But he's goofy

He gets in trouble in line in the hall

        cuz he's the easiest to see

His brain is confused

He's a good reader

He's a good writer

Things go well until he hits 7th grade

Then all the things that came naturally--

that he didn't have to try at--

weren't enough.

There were more facts



to learn

And he wasn't tough.

for being a big kid, he was gentle

unless he tried to feel powerful

by giving a kid a power wedgie in the locker room

There are a lot of us out there, I think

I wonder

Or was I an anomaly?

If we are relatively happy with the way we turned out

is it worth the crap that we went through

to get here?

Those memories linger like shadows

and echo in the caves or our minds...

Perhaps this kid finds his "redemption" by learning

and revealing the truth about where people's

$3 coffee comes from...

A teacher shows a video (find it)

and he starts digging to see what a coffee farmer kid's life is like.

Writes about it for the paper?

Makes an Adobe Slate about it?