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Prepared by Jennifer Lowton and  ??                                        Today’s Date 9/08/16

Department ELO and IT                

Year of Proposed Implementation/Redesign 2017/2018               

Course Title EdTech  Integration Help Desk                           Anticipated Number of Sections 1

Course Description (For catalog):

(Virtual Course - flexible school time meetings)  Full year 1 credit program.  Pre-Requisite:  Permission from teacher (D Couture) or Educational Technology Coordinator (Jennifer Lowton).  This course will satisfy the technology graduation credit (0.5 or 1).

The student Educational Technology Integration Help Desk course is a hands-on study of technology integration in an educational context. Students will be required to assess problem sets throughout the day or after school and define the best approach to addressing or solving problems. In addition to solving problems for other students and teachers, students will be required to complete and maintain several running projects that address problems or solutions in educational technology integration.  Students will also use mobile devices such as Chromebooks and Apple iPads to create solutions to educational issues.  Lots of off-site opertunities to demonstrate skills. 

Course Rationale (Why should this course be offered):  

There is a growing need to link digital tools with students and faculty.  There is a need for students to research, problem solve and use critical thinking skills to resolve a plethora of educational issues using digital tools for themselves, other students and faculty. With this new course students will take their current interest in digital technology to a new level.  Leaders who understand the landscape of our digital world know that they must involve a school’s most important stakeholders in their 1:1 planning and decision-making process. That stakeholder group is students. From determining the right device to recommending applications, leaders must listen to student voice, because the students, ultimately, are the end users.     

Dept. Budget Estimates:






Audio Visual









Equipment Repair



Equipment Over $500



Other:  Clothing (optional)


Logo polo’s or t-shirts

 Department Total:

School Budget Estimates:



Curriculum Development


Syllubus, content, assessments and materials.     

Grand Total:


Please provide a brief descriptor of any budgetary item over $500

     Staffing:  Will the addition of this course require hiring additional personnel?  Will a current member of your staff teach this course? If so, who do you have in mind?

No additional personnel required.   Jenn Lowton will be an adviser together with ELO coordinator and other TBD technology personnel.

Room: What are the space implications/requirements if this course is approved?

No required room or period (ELO classroom and/or Library may be used in this virtual classroom proposal)


Intended Course Goals (Enduring Understandings) (Please List):

1.  Students will understand that being aware that media literacy is a life-long skill integral to digital citizenship, critical thinking, and informed decision-making and active participation in our society.

2.  Students will understand that media literacy is an integral skill to digital citizenship, critical thinking, and informed decision-making and active participation in our society.

3.  Students will understand that understanding how to use digital tools to gather, evaluate and use information can help others.

Other Goals if Needed:    

4.  Students will understand that digital media environments are important and how to use them to communicate and work collaboratively to solve problems.

Effectiveness: Describe How the Course Goals Listed Above will be Measured:

1.  Each week the student presents thorough portfolio entries that serves as a timeline of the work each student is completing throughout the course of the semester. There is a clear and distinct connection between the student’s portfolio entries and the work completed for the Help Desk blog.

2.  Student demonstrates through his/her individual portfolio that he/she is researching educational technology news and developments i.e. the student cites the sources which have supported the development of his/her posts for the Help Desk blog.

3.  Students will locate organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and produce artifacts.

4.  Students will interact, collaborate and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments through blogs and other digital media outputs.

Other Measures if Needed:    

Link the Course Goals Above to the School’s Vision and Mission (link) (i.e responsible citizens, accomplished thinkers, student centered, relevant learning opportunities, etc.)

Link the Course to State or National Standards (please provide Internet link below along with specific examples of each goals link)

Students: What data is there for student interest in this course?

I currently had 20 students signed up for a pilot program in prior school without any advertising and the program was a great success that is now on-going.  

How will students be selected for this course if there are more sections needed than anticipated?

Consistent with the current WHS enrollment procedures and policies.

Program Effect: Will the addition of this course allow another course to be dropped?  If yes, which one?

No other courses will be dropped if this yearlong one (1) credit course is approved.


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