Reflections from students

When I have a problem. I never give up. I reflect on what I did wrong and improve. I don't just quit. I figure my way through.

Yes, we have improved and we never gave up. With a load of collaboration we can do it together and grow.

Yes we did. We had a lot of perseverance and we never gave up. We fail once and we get back up.

Yes it did. I brought my skill with real life and brought it to the EA experiences. My friends really made me improve

I have improved my self regulation by learning to be more patient, take more ownership of my learning and being more responsible. I think that I can improve more by taking more risks for my own learning.

Yes because I have learned to correct my mistakes and be more confident with myself

Yes I have experienced the grit during the weeks . I think that my team is very organized. My grit has flourished because I have learned how to get back up and keep trying. My team and I have learned how to work together when things are not going that well because we know how to solve the problem. I think that I can improve my grit by communicating with my team more.

Yes because it can prepare me for when I have a job. Also because it is a good experience to test my collaboration with others.

I have organized my self and stayed on topic.

Yes because our team was breaking up but I stayed in the group and made a product.

Yes I experienced grit when I overcame challenges like creating a product in 2 weeks.

Yes now I know that feedback is a good thing and you can improve and make it better.

I have been so much more patient and I have been helping alot and not just sitting out on the side.

My perseverance has improved because when i needed to make a poster to show our company I was told that it was too small writing so I went back and I re-wrote it and it turned out so much better,so instead of crying because I spent a lot of time on it I  persevered and re did it.

Yes because I started at one team but than that team did not work so I changed grops and it went a lot better.

I have improved in my organization and I have not roamed around randomly, i've always stayed with the group and paid attentions to the conversation. I've leaned to be very patient and always try to give other people chances.

I show my perseverance by staying in at recess and sorting things out and coming up with new ideas. I have stayed in the same group and I think we work and think alike.

I have always tried to get around the problems and come up with effective and good ideas to solve the mishap.

I think this will help me have experience of what it means to work together and have a business plan.

I have improved by making mistakes and learning from others.
As Mme.T always says: take risks!
Now that she said that im not so afraid of making a mistake any!
Both my teachers have helped me improve evrything and the have inspired me to push my limates and take on tons of challenges!
Thank you Ms.Brambles and Mme.T!

I have perseverance and enjoy this experience.
This experience has improved my learning and it has definitely helped me prepare myself for life.
Later in life I will have to take on all the challenges Mme.T and Ms.Brambles  gave me.
I noticed we had to do banking. Later in life I will have to learn a little bit of how to be an accountant!
Another thing I'll have to learn is how to build the product THAT PEOPLE WANT! You have to convince people that they need your product. If they don't want to buy your product then what's the point in making it?
That job is called engineering. A person who is an engineer builds the product for you BUT, you have to pay them too!
There lots of other jobs besides accounting and engineering and I might just do one of those.

Yes I have, and I have enjoyed it!
Maybe we can do another cool activity concerning the challenges that will occur later in life!
Mme.T and Ms.Brambles have been a tremendous help to me and have helped me improve on almost everything.

I feel very confident in myself that I am prepared for the future and I thing I will succeed!
Mme.T and Ms.Brambles have helped me improve on my learning journy.
They are both very talented and extrordinary teachers.
I hope to have them again sometime!

I have improved on letting other people share there ideas.

Yes because now we have jobs and also because we are going a lot faster then before.

Yes i did when i came in a made about 6 pencil cases.

Yes because for the first pencil case i made i had to restart and i did not give up.

Because we have to work as a team for us to actually be able to get anything done. We need to responsibility to make sure that everything is going as planned.

Yes, Because I am always pushing myself to learn how to sew or learn how to use money and always trying to contribute to group discussions.

Yes, because at the beginning we didn't want people to join but than we found it helped and also we needed to better production.

Yes, because now i am always pushing myself now.

Our Perseverance has been really well because we have kept fighting for our product and it has succeeded. I think we have done really well and we are continuing to apply Perseverance.  

We have because we continue to fall down but go back up and that's life so  we deal with it and fight our way on our life path.

From this I have become a better person with self-regulation, grit and perseverance and normally projects I don't really become better with skills. I have improved skills on this project because I have had a real life experience with buisness.

I have improved by collaborating with my group and by staying on task also because my group knows when someone is doing something wrong and they would tell them to stay on task, which is great.

Yes, my perseverance has gotten better because at first my group had a lot of participants but then we lost them because they didn't think our group would go threw so that made me angry because I only ended up with four people left,when I got angry my perseverance kept going up each time somebody left so I wanted to prove that we could do it,but we couldn't so we had to split up and join other groups but thats ok that we couldn't make it threw,it didn't matter to me,what matters is that we tried and we did good.

Yes I did, my group actually collaborated really good but our organization wasn't that good because of our planning,we didn't really have a plan because sometimes my group wouldn't let me talk but then I talked about it to them and it got better.

Yes it did change, in a good way, some people got sad because of all of this and some people enjoyed it, I personally enjoyed it. It felt good to act like we had a real job

I have improved more with keeping in control with my ideas and not getting a little off task.

My perseverance has improved a lot more since our group started to be doubtful of our project. Now I am feeling more confident with our ideas and thinking more positively of our ideas.

I experienced some Grit during our collaboration weeks.

I think that my skill of perseverance has changed the Entrepreneurship a lot because with the skill I had I was able to put up with any major or minor set backs and staying with the group.

I have improved my self-regulation with the Entrepreneurship program because I have been monitoring myself on not taking the lead and make sure to stay positive even when things are tough

My perseverance has flourished because our idea did not make it through but we went out with our heads held high and it did not bring us down.

Yes I did experience grit during the weeks of teams because our team was not collaborating, so it was not working. And I think that is one of the ideas our idea did not make it through.

Yes because I have been learning to never give up and Entrepreneurship has really helped me never give up.

I need to not wander of and talk to other groups I should just do my work.

Yes I think it has because at the beggening we had a good idea but we were not organized now ae organized and have a product.

Yes I did because are company was down then up then down and now are idea is really working and we have product.

Yes I needed perseverance because if we didnt we would of failed and not made it through.