Adopt-a-Book Project-Due April 16

Project Instructions:

  1. Select a Golden Sower book from the library in your reading level.
  2. Read the book and take the AR test.
  3. Create a diorama of your favorite chapter in the book.
  4. Display in the library for voting after April 16.
  5. Present your diorama to your classmates.
  6. Everyone in the school will vote for their favorite diorama and the winner will be announced in May at the AR celebration .

Diorama Details: Select your favorite chapter from the book.

  1. Using a shoebox create a three-dimensional design (3D) of your favorite chapter.

  1. Use items you have at home, pictures from magazines, computer pictures, drawn pictures, or objects that represent your chapter. Do not purchase anything for your diorama. This project is one you need to design and create.

  1. *Place the title and author of the book on the front or top of the diorama.

  1. *Place your first and last name and homeroom on the back of the box.

  1. Fill out the attached Book Report sheet and share along with the diorama.