Monday, September 21, 2016

Pink Palace

Meeting agenda


Alysha Haggerton, President

Roger L. Cauvin, Secretary

Frank Harren, Director

Natalie Gauldin, Director

Meghan Skornia, Director

Board members not in attendance:

Evan Gill, Treasurer

Pete Gilcrease, Director

Matthew Armstrong, Director

Ricky Hennessy, Director

Brittany Morrison, Director


The meeting began with a discussion of upcoming resolutions and votes of the FAN membership. The discussions on the forum currently include updates to the FAN by-laws, IH-35 changes, the mobility bond, and polling the members on the city council candidates. Natalie suggested holding a Reddit AMA with Mayor Adler and others on the mobility bond, and that FAN members vote on the mobility bond and the city council candidates in the same voting period. Alysha suggested two separate voting periods, with the latter period coming after the Reddit AMAs. Roger will invite John-Michael Cortez for the Mayor’s availability and for other good panelists for the discussion.

Board members discussed the upcoming FAN newsletter. As with past newsletters, volunteers are collaboratively adding content in a Google slide. However, Meghan, when the content is final, will put it in a MailChimp email and send it to the membership.

Natalie suggested making the media aware of our AMAs, and Roger suggested sending them a press release. Natalie suggested language such as “A forum where anyone can ask the candidates . . . .”  and “For the first time ever . . .”  Alysha will draft and send a press release based on the language in the blog post but incorporating additional language likely to spur media interest.

Meghan mentioned her acquaintances were confused about the upcoming FAN City Council candidate forums. The confusion may relate to whether FAN or the public will be asking questions.

Alysha talked to Evan about campus outreach. Evan will be attending the ICC’s board of adjustments review. They are asking a parking variance in west campus, and Evan will take advantage of the opportunity to meet J.T. Havernick, ICC and other campus organizations to explore forming a campus neighborhood group.

Board members discussed by-laws changes, including having board officers elected by the board of directors instead of individually by the membership, staggering of board terms, and allowing members of member neighborhood associations to participate as FAN at-large members. Frank is going to review the current draft of the by-laws.

Frank reported Tarrytown NA has formed and will be having a general membership meeting Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 7 pm at Howson Branch Library.

Roger updated the group on FAN’s participation on a community advisory committee for Project Connect. Frank will be participating on behalf of Evolve Austin, Roger is tentatively participating on behalf of FAN but may instead participate on behalf of DANA, in which case Alysha agreed to represent FAN. Roger will consult with DANA board members to determine who will represent DANA.

Roger emailed Greg Anderson for the status of Dawson Neighborhood Association (DNA) possibly joining FAN. meeting. Roger will report back on the status if he learns anything from Greg.