Fall Semester, 2017

Mondays: 6:30 - 9:10 PM

Instructor:  Fr. Jude Surowiec, OFM Conv.

110 Cyman Drive

Chicopee, MA 01013

860 402-3991

1, Course Description 

 This course covers the Fourth Gospel, the three Letters of John, and the Book of Revelation. Topics include the unique character of John’s Gospel in relation to the Synoptics and theories of authorship. While the course will treat the entire Johannine corpus, the main part of the course will focus on the particularly Johannine presentation concerning the person and mission of Jesus as expressed in the Gospel. Topics dealing with the theological ideas and the spirituality of these writings will also be examined.

2. Envisioned Learning Outcomes

3. Course Schedule

The schedule below is intended to provide the student with an experience of scriptural analysis as well as the means to investigate topics in an exegetical and theological manner. The format, based on assigned readings, will challenge the student to articulate the various insights of scholars as well as the personal reflections of students concerning the passages being covered.


Suggested Readings are all taken from St. John: The Navarre Bible (TNB)

Recommended readings from other commentaries (cf. #6 below)

August 28                        - Syllabus Review and Course Introduction

September 4                - LABOR DAY: NO LECTURE

September 11                - Preliminary Questions: “Authorship” and

                        Background of the Fourth Gospel;

                        Relationship between the Fourth Gospel

                        And the Synoptic Gospels;

                                        TNB: 11-26

September 18                - Structure and Characteristics of the Gospel

                         According to John;

                                  JOHN 1-2 (Prologue…The First “Sign”)

                                        TNB: 39-59

September 25                - JOHN 3-5 (Nicodemus…Samaritan Woman

                         At the Well)

                                         TNB: 60-80

October 2                        - JOHN 6 (Bread of Life Discourse)

                                        TNB: 80-93

                                        Topic & Preliminary Bibliography Due

October 9                        - JOHN 7-9

                                          TNB: 93-117

                                REFLECTION PAPER DUE

October 16                        - RESEARCH WEEK: NO LECTURE

October 23                        - JOHN 10-12

                                        TNB: 117-140

October 30                        - RESEARCH WEEK: NO LECTURE

November 6                - JOHN 13-15

                                        TNB: 141-162

November 13                - JOHN 16-19

                                        TNB: 162-191

                                SEMESTER RESEARCH PAPER DUE !!!

November 20                - JOHN 20-21

                                        TNB: 191-201

                                  Johannine Epistles

November 27                - Book of REVELATION

December 4                - Final Exam

Dates to Remember

October 2                - Topic & Preliminary Bibliography Due

October 9                - REFLECTION PAPER DUE


December 4        - Final Exam


4. Course Requirements

        FOR ALL STUDENTS  (SAS 465 and SAS 802)

Semester Research Paper:  The student is to select any topic related to any area of Johannnine Literature. Upon approval by the instructor, the student is to engage in a more in-depth study of the topic that a survey course can cover. The result of such research is to be formulated in an eight to twelve page paper which is due by class on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13th.

FOR STUDENTS enrolled in SAS 802

Reflection Paper

The Reflection Paper is to consist of a three to five page essay on one of the “I AM Discourses” in the Gospel according to John. This Reflection Paper is due on MONDAY, OCTOBER 9th.

5. Required Reading and Resources

The Gospel according to John


The Book of Revelation



Brown, Raymond E., S.S.,   The Gospel According to John,   Anchor Bible Series, Two Volumes

Maloney, Francis J., S.D.B.,   The Gospel of John,   Sacra Pagina Series

Schnackenburg, Rudolf,   The Gospel According to St. John, Herder’s Theological Commentaries, Three Volumes                                                            

St. John: The Navarre Bible


7.  Evaluation

Class Participation/Discussion……………………….15%

Reflection Paper………………………………………..25%

Semester Research Paper………………………….…40% (50%)

Final Exam……………………………………………….20% (35%)

8.  Disabilities Accommodations Policy

Holy Apostles College and Seminary is committed to the goal of achieving equal educational opportunities and full participation in higher education for persons with disabilities who qualify for admission to the College. Students enrolled in online courses who have documented disabilities requiring special accommodations should contact Chris Apodaca, the Disabilities Office Coordinator, at, or 860 632-3015. In all cases, reasonable accommodations will be made to ensure that all students with disabilities have access to course materials in a mode in which they can receive them.

9.  Academic Honesty Policy

Students at Holy Apostles College & Seminary are expected to practice academic honesty.

Avoiding Plagiarism

In its broadest sense, plagiarism is using someone else’s work or ideas, presented or claimed as your own. At this stage in your academic career, you should be fully conscious of what it means to plagiarize. This is an inherently unethical activity because it entails the uncredited use of someone else’s expression of ideas for another’s personal advancement: that is, it entails the use ofa person merely as a means to another person’s ends.

Students, where applicable:

Consequences of Academic Dishonesty:

Because of the nature of this class, academic dishonesty is taken very seriously. Students participating in academic dishonesty may be removed from the course and from the program.

10.  Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all classes unless properly excused.

11.  Incomplete Policy

An Incomplete is a temporary grade assigned at the discretion of the faculty member. It is typically allowed in situations in which the student has satisfactorily completed major components of the course and has the ability to finish the remaining work without re-enrolling, but has encountered extenuating circumstances, such as illness, that prevent his or her doing so prior to the last day of class.

To request an Incomplete, students must first download a copy of the Incomplete Request Form. This document is located within the Shared folder of the Files tab in Populi. Secondly, students must fill in any necessary information directly within the PDF document. Lastly, students must send their form to their professor via email for approval. “Approval” should be understood as the professor responding to the student’s email in favor of granting the “incomplete” status of the student.

Students receiving an Incomplete must submit the missing course work by the end of the sixth week following the semester in which they were enrolled. An Incomplete grade(I) automatically turns into the grade of “F” if the course work is not completed. Students who have completed little or no work are ineligible for an incomplete. Students who feel they are in danger of failing the course due to an inability to complete course assignments should withdraw from the course


A “W” (*Withdrawal) will appear on the student’s permanent record for any course dropped after the end of the first week of a semester to the end of the third week. A “WF” (Withdrawal/Fail) will appear on the student’s permanent record for any course dropped after the third week of a semester and on or before the Friday before the last week of the semester.

12.  About your Instructor

Rev. Jude Surowiec, OFM Conv., is an adjunct professor of Sacred Scripture at Holy Apostles College & Seminary.