Base Runner Softball/Baseball Coach's Contract

■        Coaches will be responsible for directing practices. All teams  will have at least 1 practice during the winter months which could include gym time and batting cage times.  If the head coach is unable to attend, they are responsible to find another assistant coach to conduct the practice along with providing practice plans. If you have another coach do your practice, it is that coach’s responsibility to secure the gym/batting cage.  The club director should be notified about the coaching substitution.  During season up to 2 practices per week are encouraged if practices fields are available.  

Club directors are:         Softball - Derek Germann 563-249-1373 or

Baseball - Andy Meyers 815-529-1689 or

■        Indoor practices will be held in the High School/Fulton Middle School or if other arrangements are made the club director should be notified.  Equipment needs to be handled with care.  Coaches will be responsible for the setup and/or take down of the gym.  No hitting can be done in the gym.  Bunting will be allowed.  

■        Coaches will be issued equipment which will include practice balls, catcher’s gear, game balls, and an equipment bag.  These items will be returned at the season finale.  

■        Coaches are responsible to check email and/or phone messages daily to keep close contact with the club directors.

■        Coaches are responsible for emailing all tournament schedules out to parents by Wednesday night prior to the weekend tournament.  All coaches will be responsible for sending out a group text email with weekly reminders of practice times/locations. The club director must be CC’d on every text/email that is sent out.  Coaches are permitted up to 7 tournaments per year, with no more than 2 tournaments in the fall, and the understanding that the number of tournaments satisfy the age group.

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