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Hello Bear Students and Parents,

This year in math, your child will be working on ratios, proportions, unit rates, geometry, algebra, data, statistics and of course fractions, decimals and percents. In my 20 plus years of teaching math, I have learned that the reason some people struggle with math is because of their mindset and their inability to connect it to their world. I feel my job is to bridge the gap and make math real to them and encourage them to have a good attitude; even when things are tough. I do not allow students to say "I can't" in my class. Instead, they are encouraged to ask for help, use new strategies, persevere, and try, try, and try again.

Please, do all you can to connect math to your child's world. Show them ways you use it everyday on your job and in your home. Grocery shopping, cooking, building fences, feeding the pets, etc. are just some examples. I give all my students this challenge - find something in your world that is NOT related to math. It really helps their thinking!!!!!!

Expect homework, as it reviews your child's math skills. Practice doesn't make perfect, but it sure makes better! Graded papers typically come home in the Monday folder. Sometimes, I will send them home on other days, but usually for your child to do over and for you to sign.

Should you need to contact me, email is the most efficient way If you would like to arrange a conference, you can call the school to set that up. My planning period is at 10:45.

Mrs. Mills

6th Grade Math