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2022 Rules
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The tournament will be governed by Official MLB Rules with the following exceptions:

All teams playing on the High School Fields cannot eat seeds in the dugout, on the field or in the stands.  A $500.00 fine will be imposed on teams that do not follow this rule.

  1. All teams must have rosters completed and turned into the Tournament director Joel Brown. 
  2. All teams must bring birth certificates – They will only be checked upon request by the Tournament Director. Penalty – If a player is not of age and birth certificate cannot be produced, he will be unable to play the remainder of the tournament. This is not a retroactive rule.  Suspension only after discovery.
  3. Age Divisions will be determined by your age on April 30th, 2020.  Grade Exception: Players in the corresponding grade will be allowed to play even if they are not “age appropriate” on April 30th.  Birth certificate and a current school report card to be submitted to the Tournament Director at least 1 week prior to the start of the Tournament, for verification and approval.
  4. Player eligibility: No player may play with more than one team in the same age division.  However, a player may play up an age division and play with more than one team.  All pitching rules will still apply with both teams.
  5. Home team is listed first on the pool play schedule.  Highest seed will be Home Team for the tournament.  8-10U games are 6 innings (9 run rule after 4 innings, 15 run rule after 3 innings) 11-14U games are 7 innings (9 run rule after 5 innings, 15 run rule after 4 innings, 20 runs after 3)
  6. All Games will be 6/7 innings or no new inning after 1 hour and 40 minutes.  No time limit for Championship game.  For pool play games, In the event time has expired and the game is tied, the game will end in a tie.  No tie breaker innings will be played.  If time is not expired use the International TieBreaker rule to break the tie.
  7. 4 innings or 1 Hour constitutes a complete game when delayed for any reason or called off due to inclement weather.
  8. 8U, 9U, & 10U Age Divisions ONLY:
  1. 8 runs per half inning: After 8 runs score, teams exchange offense and defense. Only on an over the fence Home Run can more than 8 runs be scored.  In the last inning the 8 run rule per inning does not apply.  All extra inning games will begin with a base-runner on 2nd base.
  2. Base runners may steal or advance to any base only after the ball crosses home plate.  If a base runner leaves the base before the pitched ball has crossed the plate, and is not put out on the play, the runner must return to the base occupied before the pitch was made.  If a base runner leaves early and the ball is put into play, the baserunner(s) may only advance as far as forced to advance by the batter/runner.  Batter is automatically out on a 3rd strike.  (9u & 10u ONLY - No 3rd drop strike rule will be in effect).
  1. Batting Order Re-entry Rule: Starters may only re-enter one time and in the same spot in the batting order.
  2. Batting Order: There is no limit to the number of players you have in the batting lineup.  A team must bat a minimum of 9 players. Unlimited Defensive substitutions.  Your defensive lineup is unrelated to your batting order.  A player may play defensively even if they are not in the batting lineup.
  3. No Restrictions on Cleats.  (No Metal Cleats on Portable Mounds)
  4. Any Legal Bat is Acceptable in the Basin Bash.  
  1. For All 14U Teams -3 BBCOR or wood Bats are Required.
  1. Bat Boys are not allowed in Dugout or on the Field.
  2. Home team will be the official scorer unless otherwise designated by the umpire in the book.
  3. Protests will not be allowed on judgment calls.  All protests will require a non-refundable $100 protest fee.  All protests will be reviewed with the Umpire, Head Umpire and Uintah Baseball Committee.
  4. We will enforce an avoid contact or must slide rule at all bases. Malicious contact-runner will be ejected. It is the discretion of the umpire if the runner is trying to avoid contact or a collision. A must slide rule will be in effect when an infielder is attempting to turn a double-play at any base.  If the runner is not close enough to attempt a slide, he must peel away from the baseline.  This rule is for the protection of the base runner.  The runner will be called out only if his not sliding or peeling away affects the defensive play.
  5. Speed up rules for Catchers only.
  6. Eliminate defensive huddles prior to your team taking the field in between innings.
  7. Only two coaches outside of the dugout during games (does not include base coaches).
  8. Please have a Catcher available to warm up your Pitcher between innings when your Catcher is not ready.
  9. Pitchers - Maximum of 6 warm-up pitches between innings.
  10. No infield before games. Get teams in the dugout and have your teams ready to play on time.
  11. End of the game, remove garbage from dugout and clear dugout in a timely manner. Hold post game discussions outside the dugout.
  12. Show respect to the umpires, your players, your opponents and most of all to this great game!


  1. No metal cleats on artificial mounds
  2. A Pitcher can fake a pick-off move to 3rd Base while being engaged with the pitching rubber.
  3. One in-game pitch constitutes an inning pitched. (Warmup pitches do not count.)
  4. If a pitcher pitches more than 5 innings in one calendar day, a 36-Hour rest period will apply.
  5. Maximum Innings in One Calendar Day = 7 innings
  6. Maximum Innings for Tournament (including championship day) = 9 innings
  7. You may re-enter the starting pitcher only, one time.
  8. Each team will keep and be responsible for their own pitching log.  It must be signed by the umpire or Basin bash staff at the conclusion of each game. Pitching Log needs to be available for Basin Bash staff if requested.
  9. If a coach has a question about the opposing team's pitching log, he may bring it to the attention of a Basin Bash staff member.  A coach may not request the pitching affidavit from the opposing coach.
  10. If a Basin bash staff member determines that the pitcher in question is ineligible to pitch, the pitcher will be removed from the mound at the time of discovery.  This is not a retroactive rule.
  11. In order to pitch championship day, players must have played in at least 2 pool play games from the previous day.


1.    Best Record

2.    Head to Head

3.    Run Differential (7 run max per game)

4.    Fewest Runs Allowed

5.    Coin Flip or mini-playoff game per the discretion of the Tournament Director

*    Team awards will be given for 1st Place of gold and silver brackets

Additional Rules for Basin Bash


1.     Ejections – Any player, coach (head or assistant), or fan that is removed from a contest shall remain out of sight and sound for the remainder of that game and the entirety of the next scheduled game.  In the event the ejection is after the contest is over, the offender is required to be out of sight and sound for the next two scheduled contests.

2.        All runners will be required to do one of 3 things at each base.

A.        legally slide (buttocks on the ground at the time of contact)

B.        avoid the fielder

C.        or give themselves up

Any force play slides must be directly at the base and within the confines of the base, or may be in a direction away from the fielder.   Once a runner is out on a potential double play, the runner must give themselves up and not interfere with any further action.  Violation of force play slides will result in an interference call and a double play.  All other runners will return to the base they obtained at the time of the pitch.

Any Malicious contact will result in an automatic ejection and an out on the runner.

Fielders are not permitted to block a base or home plate without possession of the ball.   If a player blocks a base, obstruction will be called and the associated penalty assessed accordingly.

Rainout / Cancellation Policy

1.        In the event of a weather rainout, the following refund policy will be administered:

        A.        60% refund if no games are played

        B.        40% refund if 1 game is completed

        C.        No refund if 2 or more games are completed

2.        Tournament Minimum refund/Cancellation Policy

        A.        90% refund - Cancellation 10 or more days prior to tournament

        B.        No Refund - Cancellation 9 days or less prior to Tournament

        C.        $50 Processing Fee is non-refundable

        D.        90% Refund if no games are played

        E.         75% Refund if one game is played

        F.        No refund if 2 or more games are played