Enriching Math Class with Productive Struggle & Technology


Slides from our session

Warm Up

One iPad & Your Class

Estimation180 - Collection of 180+ visual estimates. Great for starting class, or starting a topic.         

Visual patterns - Collection of visual patterns. You are to determine the number of “items” in the 43rd step.         

Would You Rather - Collection of WYR tasks. Visual prompts.

http://wodb.ca - Which One Doesn’t Belong

SolveMeMobile - Visually solve equations

Curious Math -  iTunes U - Deliver 3-Act math lesson right from your iPad.

AirServer - Share your iPad screen wirelessly with your computer/projector.

Apple TV - Share your iPad screen wirelessly with your projector.

5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions.

Whole Class Activities



Stop Motion Studio


Pear Deck

Explain Everything

Free Whiteboard recording apps


 Further Theory/Ideas