Adding a Link to an Item

The content editor is a javascript-based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that allows you to add and format text, insert equations, hyperlinks, or tables, and attach different types of files to create content. It appears throughout Blackboard as the default editor and it has two view modes

  1. simple mode and
  2. advanced mode.

Simple Mode

The simple mode contains a minimal set of the most used text formatting functions. Click the drop-down arrow ()  in the right corner of the editor to access more editor functions.

Advanced Mode

The advanced mode includes every available formatting and object attachment function.

Functions not currently available appear grayed out. For example, the functions to apply or remove a hyperlink are available only when you select text or an object in the text box.

To insert a link in the Content editor:

  1. Make sure the editor is set to advanced mode.
  2. Select text or an object, and click the link function ( ) to add a new hyperlink or edit an existing hyperlink.

  1. Note: Unless you select text or an object, the insert/edit link and remove link functions are grayed out and unavailable.
  1. In the displayed window, provide the http:// protocol by typing or pasting an address for the link. You can specify a link to a website, a file from your computer, Course Files, or the Content Collection.

  2. In the Target drop-down list choose where to open the link:
  1. Open in this window/frame.
  2. Open in a new window.
  3. Open in parent window/frame.
  4. Open in top frame, replacing all current frames.

  1. Type an optional title for the window or frame displayed when users click the link.
  2. Click Insert to close the Insert/Edit Link dialog window.
  3. Click Submit to complete the embed process. The link will appear within the content.


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