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People of Interest Here:

/u/GoPro_Hero (Aaron) - GoPro Community Manager
/u/abekislevitz (Abe) - GoPro Production Artist.  
/u/GoPro_ms (Matt) - GoPro User Generated Content Guy
/u/GPPB - GoPro Software Guy
/u/GoProIQ - GoPro Image Quality guy
/u/vanawesometown - GoPro employee (hasn’t participated as much since we slapped him on the wrist for a baiting post promising a Hero3+ giveaway that just redirected to his youtube channel. :/

Posting Guide:

  1. Keep posts GoPro related.  If it’s not about a GoPro, made by a GoPro, made for a GoPro, or if you’re not 100% sure, just reconsider your post.
  2. Use the Search Bar before posting and check the new posts for duplicates.  If it’s more than 2 weeks old and you saw it virally, we’ve probably already seen it too.  Search first, please!
  1. Avoid posting aggregate sites.  Most of our duplicate posts are due to people posting to aggregate sites that collect and re-post interesting content like Gizmodo, Upworthy, TheChive, and most blogs.  Unless you’re specifically linking it for the article, go the extra mile and link directly to the video/pic of interest on YouTube/Imgur/etc.  This will help us cut down on duplicate content.
  1. Make your post titles useful.  For example, rather than “I have a question” as the post title, use “I have a question regarding color correction in Premiere CS 5.5.”  Or, rather than “EPIC VIDEO!”, use “I was amazed when I saw the proximity flying in this wingsuit video.”
  2. Avoid anticipation/received/ordered celebration posts.  This includes “Look what just came in the mail!” and “Just ordered my first GoPro, so excited!” posts.  They don’t contribute to the community and are annoying in general.  We know you’re excited, but post when you get your first pictures or video… those are far more interesting, or are at least fun to comment about.
  3. Don’t downvote content just because it isn’t as good/interesting as the GoPro demo reels.  Upvote contributing posts/comments, and reserve your downvotes for unrelated and unhelpful content.  Don’t downvote videos you don’t like, and don’t downvote new users with questions, or this subreddit will become a terrible place to be a part of very quickly.
  4. If you’re coming here to promote something, just be transparent about it.  We’re fine if you want to show us your kickstarter for a new mount, need votes for your GoPro vid that’s in a contest, or even to get more traffic to your GoPro oriented website… but let everyone know why you’re here and why you need their help.  If you try to make lure/bait posts that redirect to your webpage or are deceitful in any way, your posts will be deleted and your page added to the spam filter.


Here’s some good reads/watches:

Abe Kislevitz does an awesome job explaining most GoPro features and throws in some great tips-

Mic Bergsma runs a great channel full of GoPro tips and tricks-

Kyle Martin Also runs a great channel for GoPro Tips and tricks-

What Settings should you use?  Generally….

General use - Moderate framerate, High Resolution, Protune optional
Low Light - Low Light mode, Lower Framerates, NO PROTUNE
Slow-Motion Desired - High framerate, sacrifice resolution as needed
Action - Highest framerate without a resolution sacrifice
Very Short timelapse (a few minutes) - Highest resolution video possible
Short Timelapse (<30 min) - Timelapse mode, shortest interval
Long timelapse (30+ min)- Timelapse mode, shortest interval possible while taking card space into account.
VERY long timelapse (Multi-day) - Custom Firmware and external power sources, long interval.
Low light pictures - Timelapse mode, 2 second interval, set the camera down (don’t hold)
General Pictures - Often it’s easier to take pictures in timelapse mode with the shortest interval.

More FAQ:

Q: Can you explain the camera generations?  Which is most current?
A: There are only a few relevant camera generations, but with the recent white/silver/black models, it can be a little confusing.  Here’s a simple explanation-

Q: Should I buy the Hero3+, or Hero3?
A: This is ultimately going to come down to your budget.  The Hero3 models are significantly cheaper right now.  However, for the extra money, you get some pretty slick features like the smaller size, better battery life, better wifi, and lowlight and superview modes.  If the money isn’t an issue, get the 3+… it’s a nice upgrade.

Q: What’s the deal with the Hero3+ focus issue?  Should I be concerned, or does mine have the issue?
A: There were some models that had soft focus on background objects.  These seem to be all before a certain manufacture date, though we can’t verify that right now for certain.  Chances are that if you buy a Hero3+ right now, as long as it’s not old stock, you’ll be fine.

Q: I’m debating between the Hero3+ Silver and the Hero3 Black Edition… help?
A: This is going to come down to your preference in features, but most of the /r/gopro community will recommend the Hero3 Black Edition over the 3+ Silver, simply because its a slightly better quality camera for pretty much the same price.

Q: Can I use the new Hero3+ batteries and/or accessories with my Hero3?
A: Yes, the Hero3 and 3+ are the same size and can both interchangeably use each other’s accessories/cases/batteries…

Q: Every time I film a long video, the camera films multiple files!  What’s wrong?
A: Nothing!  This is normal!  Certain card formats can only handle up to a certain file size.  To alleviate the problem, they’ll write multiple “small” (they’re actually pretty big) files instead.  If you combine these videos later, they’ll be a single seamless video again.  

Q: What music should I use?
A: As a rule of thumb, try to avoid copying extremely popular video’s music.  These often get overused and will garner a handful of downvotes simply for jumping on that bandwagon.  Songs like Sail, glitch mob tracks used for official GoPro vids, and anything that GoPro has used for their demo reels is usually best avoided.

Q: How do I get stickers/hats/shirts/apparel?
A: You can get stickers by contacting support ( and requesting them.  To get apparel you need to either win contests, or stop in a GoPro booths during events.

Q: I have a $100 off coupon from a tradeshow or event, can I sell/trade/give it to someone?
A: Nope, that coupon is tied to your information that you used to get it.  If someone else tries to use it and the info doesn’t match up, the coupon will be cancelled.

Q: What is this little white thing that looks like a nose plug?
A: It is an anti vibration shim that at also serves as a safety for the quick release mounts.  [insert example link here]

Q: I lost/broke my GoPro!  Will GoPro replace it?
A: No.  You’re responsible for mounting and securing your GoPro properly.  Tether it and save yourself loads of frustration.

Q: The Hero3 has bad reviews on Amazon and other sites, should I be worried?
A: The short answer- No.  Firmware updates have solved 99% of the issues seen at release.  As long as you’re up to date and use a recommended Micro SD Card, you should be fine.

Q: I broke one of my mount parts… can I buy just that part anywhere?
A:  No, but if you contact support and show them a picture, it’s likely that they’ll send you a replacement part (within reason) for free!  Just be nice, explain what happened (even if it is your fault) and ask them what the best thing to do would be.

Q: What kind of card should I get/do I need?
A: GoPro has a list of recommended cards that should be at least noted.  These are recommended for their speeds and reliability with the camera.  In regard to size, most users suggest at least a 32GB card, though you could use smaller if you really wanted.

Q: What mounts should I buy?
A: This is an incredibly complex question.  The only simple answer is that you need to figure out what you want to do with the camera, and then buy the appropriate mounts for that activity.  An easy way to figure out what is appropriate is to watch others’ GoPro videos and see what mounts they are using.  Then, simply mimic their mounts.

Q: What software should I use? Is there anything free that is good?
A: In the past, many users felt forced to pirate expensive software suites to do decent video editing that they would not be able to do otherwise.  GoPro has addressed this issue and released their own editing suite that should allow you to do most essential editing tasks related to GoPro footage.  Go get it!

Q: What are the best settings to use for low light?
A: For generations prior to the Hero3+, try to limit your framerates and don’t use Protune.  For the Hero3+, check out the lowlight mode, which will dynamically change the framerate to get better results automatically.

Q: I’m a beginner/new.  What are some pro-tips?
A: First, read the manual.  Understand what your camera can do.  Better yet, read an intro to photogragphy.  That will help a lot.  Second, watch videos!  There’s tons of tutorials, but even watching other GoPro videos will help you understand the capabilities of your camera.  Third, GO USE YOUR CAMERA.  If you take it out for the first time expecting to come home with epic footage, you will probably be really disappointed.  Run around with it in your house, go walk around the neighborhood, etc.  Film boring things to learn how not to use your camera, that way when you have footage that you want to be good, you’ve already learned how not to ruin it with rookie errors.  There’s nothing as valuable as experience.

Q: I’m having trouble with my camera, can you help?
A: Search up your problem and see if others have had the same issue.  If not, go ahead and make a post.  However, we’ll most likely direct you to support if it’s not just an operator error on your part.  GoPro’s support team is great and can usually help you figure fluke things out faster than we could

Q: When is the Hero4 coming out?
A: Considering the recent release of the Hero3+, you can probably expect to see the Hero4 in the Fall of 2014.

Q: My video playback stutters a lot!  Is my camera messed up?
A: Probably not.  It’s probably your computer.  If your computer isn’t powerful enough to play the raw mp4’s, it’ll stutter and skip during playback.  You can try converting your footage to something more manageable, or another solution is to just upload a clip to youtube and see if youtube’s playback is still stuttered.  If you’re still having issues after that, contact support.

Q: I don’t do anything “extreme”… should I still get a GoPro?
A: Sure!  There are many users here that use them for hanging out with friends, filming their kids or pets, or just for taking pictures of scenery.  It’s an extremely versatile camera, so you can probably find a good use for it in your life, even if you aren’t Felix Baumgartner.

Q: I’ve seen aftermarket batteries… are they trustworthy or any good?
A: Most of us have a set of the 3rd party batteries off of Amazon.  There are minor differences to the GoPro brand batteries, but they are a great budget option.

Q: Do GoPro employees ever come to this subreddit?
A: Yes! There are a number of them that have been confirmed as employees and a few have been given subreddit flair to reflect it.