CV to Resume Resources

Most of the resources I found offered the same advice over and over and over again. These ones, I thought, were the best and most useful in some way. Ultimately, I used the chapter from the book So What Are You Going to do with That? which I was actually able to access electronically through my university library as my basis, and complimented it with this.

From CHE: From CV to Resume (1999), From CV to Resume (2004), The CV Doctor is Back (2009) - The last post is probably the most useful as the examples haven’t been eaten up by the Internet of times past. However, I wasn’t that impressed with the resulting Resumes.

From UCLA: Example of a Resume Converted from a CV - Really useful because it is annotated and clearly explains the reasoning for each section and how it is different from a CV.

From UCLA: Using Your PhD in the Non-Academic Job Search (pdf) - A bit dated, but nonetheless a great guide to getting started with transitioning from an academic job search to a job search outside of academia.

From UTA: Converting your CV to a Resume - Wish this were side-by-side instead of scrolling, but they have provided both the original sample CV and the adapted resume as PDFs that you can download.

From Columbia: Resumes and CVs: Converting your CV to a Resume - Great tips with an example you can download as a PDF as well.

From University of Toronto: Converting a CV into a Resume (pdf booklet) - I like things that I can print and that are formatted in such a way that I can do it easily. Not much new here, but I like that it’s a PDF booklet.

From Pop Culture Lab: Articulating Academic Experience for the Non-Academic Workplace (pdf) - Not so much a CV-to-resume guide, but more an introduction to how we can work to articulate what we learned and did in the academic setting effectively to the private sector.

From Post Academic: Transfer your Skills: Turning your CV into a Resume and CV vs Resume: The Grudge Match - A bit more general, but does get the point across about what employers are looking for. And, just generally a great site for post-ac jobs and life.

From Beyond Academe: Resume Tips - Another great general resource for transitioning out of academia.

From Quintessential Careers: Transferable Job Skills for Job Seekers - Great list of resources for making sure that you clearly communicate your transferable skills in your resume as well as your cover letter (which is another issue all together).

From The Unemployed Philosopher’s Blog: Tips on Turning Your CV into a Resume - Similar tips that you have heard before, except this time it’s from someone who has been there and offers a list of other resources to find those transferable skills and to get into the proper mindset for approaching this task.

Finally, Escape the Ivory Tower is a service specifically to help PhDs transition to non-academic employment, including services that help you write your resume.