OUFSD Education Channel            42 - Fios

                                                                                77 - Cablevision

October 16  –  October 20

Monday 10-16

6:00pm        Ossining MATTERS - Race/Walk

7:00pm         School Board Meeting 10-11-17        

                9:30pm        Volleyball vs Port Chester

Tuesday 10-17

                 6:00pm        First Steps Kick-Off

7:00pm        Gimme the Mic - OHS Courtyard 9-20-17

8:00pm        Girls Soccer vs Yorktown

10:00pm        Senior Parents Information Night

Wednes. 10-18

6:00pm        Brookside Hispanic Heritage Celebration

7:00pm         Girls Soccer vs Greeley

8:30pm        Boys Soccer vs Yorktown

10:00pm        School Board Meeting 10-11-17


Thursday 10-19                        

6:00pm         Claremont Hispanic Heritage Dance

7:00pm        TBA

        8:00pm        Boys Soccer vs Horace Greeley

        9:30pm        Senior Parents Information Night

Friday    10-20

2:00pm         School Board Meeting 9-27-17                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

4:30pm         OHS Sports TBA

6:00pm        Field Hockey vs Fox Lane

7:30pm        Gimme the Mic - OHS Courtyard 9-20-17

8:00pm        TBA