OUFSD Education Channel            42 - Fios

                                                                                77 - Cablevision

July 23  –  July 27

Monday 7-23

5:30pm        Claremont Field Day - NP Gavin

6:00pm        Park Moving-Up Song Sharing

7:00pm         School Board Meeting 7-11-18

9:00pm        OHS Piano Night


Tuesday 7-24

                 6:00pm        DARE Graduation 2018

7:30pm        OHS Senior Sports Awards

9:00pm        AMD Moving Up Ceremony 2018

11:00pm        Ossining Live 2018

Wednes. 7-25

3:30pm        Stand and Deliver

6:00pm        Rowing to America

8:00pm        In the Heights

10:05pm        Bring it On

Thurs.           7-26                        

5:00pm         OHS Media Club Videos 2018

6:00pm        Veteran Student Story Exchange

        7:30pm        OHS Senior Awards Night

        9:30pm        OHS Graduation 2018

Friday    7-27

2:00pm         School Board Meeting 7-11-18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

5:00pm         Park Moving Up Assembly

6:00pm        Grumbling Gryphons

7:30pm        Claremont Field Day - NP Gavin

8:00pm        Roosevelt Talent Show

9:30pm        TBA