“Whatever it is I think I see…” Curiosity-based Learning

#FSBL, #Synergy, #iDiploma

Bo Adams & Meghan Cureton

Teaching Innovation Through Design (title in Traverse 15 Program Guide)

Session Description - Traverse 15, #TVRSE15


We are born insatiably curious. It’s how we learn. In too many cases, though, curiosity can be shoved to the back seat, or even completely tossed out of the vehicle, in environments we call “school.” Yet, we talk of nurturing innovators and being innovative in schools. What if we more purposefully pursued the traits and mindsets that we know are essential to the “Innovator’s DNA?” How might we grow our curiosity muscles and build integrated, real-world learning pursuits through observation, questioning, experimenting, and networking?

In this Traverse Expedition, @MVPSchool and @MVIFI Innovation Diploma leaders Meghan Cureton and Bo Adams will share stories and methods from #FSBL, #Synergy, and #iDiploma. They will guide the group through community exploration, observation journaling, and networking with external experts to spur curiosity-based learning and innovation for a variety of learning and school uses. Participants on this journey will construct framing for curriculum and projects that originate from learner observation, develop through DEEP design thinking methods, and culminate in innovations and impacts that respect students for the current resources they are! Together, we’ll expand the very definition of “school.”

Prototype of the Three-Hour Expedition (basecamp: Impact Hub, Boulder):

Bo Adams


@boadams1 (Twitter)

It’s About Learning (Blog, http://itsaboutlearning.org)

Meghan Cureton

@MeghanCureton (Twitter)

I Wonder (Blog, https://meghancureton.wordpress.com)

Detailed Session Flow:







  • Secret Handshake
  • See/Think/Wonder

HMW get to know each other?

Nurturing Innovators as Priority


Slide deck: #fsbl, #Synergy, #iDiploma

HMW build muscle in the Innovator’s DNA traits and behaviors?

Observation Journaling - Tech


Setup on Wordpress, Twitter, or Google+ Communities

HMW collect and share moments of curiosity?

Observation Journaling - Practice


(cut fr 60)

Learning Walk in Boulder

HMW explore community as a learning environment and part of “school?”

Ideation for CBL in Schools



Unpacking Experience

  • See-Think-
    Wonder (post Qs)
  • Flash Lab Interviews 2x2

Open Discussion


  • 3-2-1

I Like…, I Wish…, I Wonder...

HMW rethink school for nurturing innovators and build School 3.0?

[Using Tools in Playbook]