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Travel Agent Project

You are going to create an advertisement for a country of your choosing. You must include the following information on your brochure, booklet, poster, or presentation board:

O What country are you advertising? (USA not allowed)

O Which countries border it?

O Which oceans, lakes, rivers,etc. border it or are nearby?

O What is the range of latitudes (for the entire country)? 

O What is the range of longitudes (for the entire country)?

O What is the lat/long for three must-visit locations (cities, towns, landmarks) in your country?

O Which tectonic plate (p5 ESRT) does it sit on?

O If you were to fly to NYC from your country, which direction would you have to travel? Which airline(s) would you take?

O What sets your country apart? What makes your country special? Why should other people visit it? Are there any cultural events, festivals, etc. that would be interesting to other people?

You are trying to ‘sell’ this country to tourists, so make sure you organize the advertisement well and include information that will intrigue a diverse group of people.


Travel Agent Project





Poster/brochure includes pictures, art, and clearly written or typed information.

Some information is not displayed clearly, most pictures are simply taken from the internet/not hand drawn.

Few/no pictures and information is not clearly displayed.


All requirements are met and country was researched to include things like cultural festivals, large cities, etc.

Most requirements were met, but information about cultural events are not sold well.

Few requirements met and country not advertised well.