Surprisingly Tasty Therapeutic Diets are Our Specialty

At Island Terrace Nursing Home our Food Service Department provides high quality, flavorful, nutritious meals. We strongly feel that mealtime is an integral part of our Residents’ daily lives. Every Resident has individual preferences and cultural experiences. We are committed to presenting a varied menu with an extensive list of alternative entrees to meet all tastes.

We are renowned for accommodating therapeutic dietary requirements that enhance the dining experience.


We make every meal time a part of the day to which every Resident can look forward. Our global cuisine selections are designed to give Residents a “taste of home” while also encouraging them to explore new tastes and styles from countries around the world.

Island Terrace boasts a beautiful dining room and we encourage Residents’ family members to join us periodically for meals. In short, we “cater” to our Residents and welcome Residents’ and families’ suggestions and thoughts on making mealtimes as pleasurable as they are nutritious.



I am Nancy Greene, M.Ed., R.D. L.D.N. I am a registered dietitian and have been working in the industry for 35 years specializing in long term care for the last 25 years. I love this work!

When I assist Island Terrace, I bring an undergraduate degree in foods and nutrition, a master’s degree in health science, and decades of experience. The goal is to provide excellent nutritional care and pleasurable meals for our Residents.

Yes, I consider Residents to be “ours” because it takes enthusiasm and love to care for the elderly. I use my clinical skills to assess each Resident individually, then working closely with Marylou Gomes, our Food Service Director, we develop nutritional care plans to meet the individual needs of each Resident.

Doctors prescribe a vast array of different diets and textures. Many of today’s Residents require personalized diets and/or mechanically altered foods. As a result, food preparation in this field requires a lot of creativity and special skills in order to serve appealing meals.

Many foods are now textured/shaped before being served. For instance, we put in the extra effort to change pureed food into recognizable shapes and add garnish in order to make the food appealing to the eye, as well as very tasty.



I take tremendous pride in the quality of meals we provide to our Residents. With over 26 years as Food Service Director of Island terrace, and eight years prior to that in the restaurant and catering business, I not only bring the customary high level of experience, but I also insist on a very high level of standards.

I am thrilled to be working with Nancy Greene, whose standards are at least equal to mine. Together we strive to present the best possible and most attractive food for our Residents.

My department also works closely with Nursing and Recreational Therapy to ensure a coordinated team approach in providing residents with timely meal service and enjoyable activities.

Yes, Food Service is directly involved with Resident activities including assisting in the planning and coordination of many functions throughout the year.

My staff takes a creative and enthusiastic approach to making meal time satisfying and memorable for our residents. All together, we strive to make our department a model for the industry.