McAllister Musicians


McAllister Musicians meets Monday mornings from 6:50-7:35. 

Parents should drop off children in the FRONT of the school no earlier than 6:40, no later than 6:45 so that we do not interfere with regular arrival procedures, and so that we are able to maximize rehearsal time.

Click McAllister Musicians 2018-2019 to find out if you will be participating with us this year!

(If you have questions as to why your name is not included, please email

Please keep in mind that behavior in music class, your application, and your teacher scoring rubric all have an effect on the ability to join McAllister Musicians.)

Parents of McAllister Musicians (please complete 1-2 before Monday’s rehearsal!): 

  1.  Click here for information  (this link seems to have difficulty on phones but opens on the computer)
  2.   Click here to fill out emergency information.
  3. Click MyPaymentsPlus to pay club dues by 9/29/18.