Students Queries Regarding “Drawing and Painting Competition”

on 30/1/2015 (“Nirvan Din”)

Organized by: State Government, Gujarat State


C. K. Pithawalla College of Engineering & Technology, Surat

Theme Of Competition: Mahatma Gandhi and Cleanliness (Including slogan)

Time: 11:15am to 12:15pm

Last Date of registration: 28th January, 2015

Queries of students, CO, CKPCET

Prepared by: Prof.Ami T.Choksi

(Coordinator of “Drawing and Painting competition”,  

Faculty coordinator of “Fine Arts” club of CKPCET,


Associate professor, Computer Engineering Department, CKPCET)

1. Can they bring any image in mobile or printed copy from which they can draw?

Answer: Yes, except hand drawing/painting any other material is allowed, from which students can draw. They are even allowed to come with video[how to draw like] in mobile from which they can draw.

2. Few students argued, "they don't know to draw faces properly."

Answer: They can draw cartoon of Gandhiji.

3. Few students asked, "can they do only pencil shading?"

Answer: Yes, they can use whatever things are being used on the drawing/painting.

4. Will college provide us “drawing sheet”?

Answer: Yes, it is already mentioned in the rules of painting competition on college website, that our college will provide “drawing sheet”. The students have to bring pencil, rubber, colors whichever types suits them, whatever other drawing tools they want to use. Tracing paper is not allowed.

5. Can they use only charcoal?

Answer: Yes, they can use as many color types as they want.

6. “Mahatma Gandhi and Cleanliness” are they two topics?

Answer: No, it is a single topic.

7. Is slogan compulsory?

Answer: Yes, it is, as per the rules of competition mentioned by the Gujarat State Government.

8. What are the “Characteristics of Winning pictures”?

Answer: There are many:

and many more……….

9. Will we all get certificate?

Answer: Yes, participation certificate will be issued to all the participants irrespective of the quality of their picture.