Rules & Regulations 
Match Specifications

Player Conduct

The following misconducts result in an accumulative foul and a direct free kick for the opposing team unless otherwise specified:

Note: If a goalkeeper goes into the offensive half of the field he is considered a 5th player having no restrictions and may touch the ball as many times as needed.


Ex. 1 When the keeper takes a goal kick out of his hands it is considered his touch. An opponent would need to touch the ball before the keeper could touch it again.

Ex. 2 When a ball goes out for a kick in or corner you could use the keeper as the last touch would have been off the opposing team.

Match Rules

Fouls, Penalties, and Re-starts

*Normal futsal rules call for the 6th accumulated foul to result in a 10m penalty but because of the 30 min running clock game we have adjusted.

Penalty marks



General Regulations