GRADES 4TH - 6TH only

5005 I-40 West

Amarillo, Texas 79016

Office – 352-5620


Dear Parent or Guardian,

Trinity Lutheran Christian School in an effort to provide students in grades 4-6 the opportunity to broaden their God-given talents offers instrumental band. Our program at this time is offered conditionally if we have enough students enrolled for us to hire an instructor for our class. There are also some costs for this class that is required in order to participate. Please fill out this enrollment form as a means for us to know the interest level for this class. Please direct any further questions you may have to the school administrator. This enrollment is not binding, but your child will be enrolled in this class to help us prepare for next year. You will be responsible for the purchase or rental of your child’s instrument. Any other fees or needs will be addressed at an orientation meeting to be held before the first class for the 2015-2016 school year.

Student’s Name: ________________________                         Grade: ____________

Instrument Interested in Playing: _____________________________________________

Parent’s Name: ____________________         Home Phone: ________________________

                                                        Cell Phone: _________________________

Parent/Student Agreement:  Where this is not a required class, but an extra-curricular activity designed to allow your child to pursue an interest and a God-given gift, it is important to know that your attendance is required each day the class is offered and the student be required to follow all the policies and procedures outlined in the school handbook. Please provide written documentation of any changes in this agreement concerning participation in Trinity Lutheran Christian School’s band program to the band instructor or to the school administrator. I do here with authorize that my child be able to participate in instrumental band as outlined here, and will provide the necessary instrument, pay the required fee, and have my child present at all band classes and functions as directed throughout the year. This permission form is intended for 2015-2016 school year.

____________________________________                 __________________

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