Welcome to Tiddlers Nursery

Firstly, would like to say welcome back to our Tiddlers from last year and we hope you all had a lovely holiday.

We would also like to offer a warm welcome to the children and families who are joining us for the first time this term.  We are looking forward to getting to know you all better and working in partnership to achieve the very best for each Tiddler we have the privilege to teach.

Our learning this half term will be focused on helping the children to settle into the Nursery, as well as developing their confidence and independence within the setting. 

To support your child with this we will start the year by building their learning around the topic of Sharing & Caring. We will focus on the childrens interests and what is most important to them.

We offer a range of play based experiences which will help us get to know your child and to help them to develop secure relationships with their friends and teachers. Together we will develop our class rules and learn to work together to follow simple routines. This will help the children to be as focused and as independent as possible, in all their playful learning experiences.

We will be talking lots about what it means to be a Super Learner this year. We will be helping the children to recognise and name the powers they are using when they are engaged in Super Learning!’

We will be taking our POWERS from the Characteristics of Effective Learning section of the  EYFS Development Matters document.

 This term we will focus on Playing, Exploring and Engagement.  

We will be looking for our Tiddlers’…

Other Useful Information

Meet Sam the Shark

Sam the Shark will be helping the children with their Listening and Sounds learning this term.

We will focus on developing early speaking and listening skills which leads the way to reading and writing later on.

We will begin by exploring the different sounds we can hear. We will learn to sort sounds by talking about what is making them and investigate the different sounds we can make ourselves.

We will learn listening and attention skills through a range of fun and interactive games.

If you would like to try some of these at home and have access to the internet have a look at this website


Lve Reading

This year the whole school is focusing on nurturing a love of reading and books. The experiences your child has with book in their Early Years will shape their relationship with reading for the rest of their lives. With this in mind we are inviting you to join us in making Reading a very special part of your childs day and night!  We will provide your children with plenty of opportunities to share stories with staff and each other in a range of environments both inside and out. Re-reading favourite stories in a cosy space is one of lifes true joys as well as helping children to learn favourite texts by heart, to handle books carefully and to make up stories of their own. We will keep you posted of special events as they occur throughout the year.  

'Please help us to support your child’s language development and their love of reading by sharing books at home everyday.’

   Physical Development We will be focusing on developing your childs gross and fine motor skills through outdoor play and manipulating small objects such as pegs, buttons and threading. Developing arm, hand and finger muscles is an essential part of pre-writing skills, which will build strength, stamina and coordination for future. We have access to the schools Big Hall and will be using it for some small apparatus PE.

Maths We will continue to use our Name Stones for self-registration. We will develop early Number skills through daily counting of how many children are at school? We will be reciting numbers in sequence and comparing quantities such as how many girls? How many boys? We will be learning to match quantities to numbers and practice number shapes through sky writing and back-writing with our friends. We will also look at change when we add or take away numbers by comparing morning and afternoon numbers.

Starting with...

This week we will be reading (amongst many others) the story I dont want to go to school by Stephanie Blake.  We will use this text as starting point to talk about how      we are feeling and to remembering the things we have enjoyed doing on our days at Tiddlers.

For the rest of the term the Tiddlers will continue to rehearse and revisit a range of basic skills to ensure they are able to play and learn in the Nursery in a purposeful, safe and cooperative way.


Please note: EYFS Planning is flexible in its nature and we follow an In the moment approach (Anna Ephgrave) in order to meet the unique needs and interests of your children.

     By creating an enabling environment and through our relationships and interactions with the children we are able to remain in the moment with our Tiddlers as they explore and learn. We observe carefully, and enhance learning wherever we spot a teachable moment.

Deep-level learning occurs when children are (wholly) engrossed in something that fascinates, challenges and makes them happy. Every child is unique and we cannot predict or impose what will spark that deep fascination Anna Ephgrave.

We think carefully about the environment and the activities we offer so that each child can excel in his or her own unique way.  If you have any questions about this (or anything else)please come in and see us. We are always happy to chat.

Other Useful Information

 We will be setting up ClassDojo in line with the rest of the school. You will be offered a personal login in order to access ‘class stories’ about our weekly ‘Tiddlers’ experiences as well as messages from the team. We hope you find this useful as photos can often prompt children to talk about their experiences in greater detail.

Big Experiences

We will be planning a short trip out of the Nursery this term.  

We will be rehearsing walking in a line around the school grounds on a daily basis in preparation for this so that we can trust the children to act safely when we are out and about. Experiencing the community together is a wonderful way to connect learning with the wider world. We will keep you posted with our plans.

Dates to Remember

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