Looking for a volunteer parent carer with a baby or young infant

I am a mature Volunteer at Carefree Kids who has been with the Charity for two years. I need to do a Baby Observation placement as part of my studies. I am looking for a willing mother or primary carer who has a baby/infant between the age of birth and 2 years old.


I would need to visit the mother and baby for one hour each week at the same time for twenty weeks. This would ideally begin in November though the exact time could be agreed to suit the parent.


This involves me being a fairly quiet observer whilst a mother and a baby (aged between birth and 2 years old) get on with their everyday life together. As an Observer I am present and engaged though in the background and so not actively involved. My role is to witness the relationship between you and your child as it is occurring without getting in the way. I would try as best I can to be respectful and sensitive to whatever is going on and to value being invited into this very special relationship.


I would really appreciate someone being able to help me with this placement.





Email: yellruthtoday@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone: 07940890418

Date ad expires: 30 November 2016