One Month Grocery List


Two large canisters of oatmeal

1 bag chia seeds

1 bag coconut sugar

1 jar cinnamon

1 jar pb2 chocolate flavored

4-6 large containers plain greek yogurt(can REALLY save money if you know how to make your own yogurt!!)

4 jars chocolate peanut butter(also used for lunches), again, you can really save money if you make your own.

6 dozen eggs(seems like a lot, but between the 5 of us, we can eat a dozen eggs in one sitting).

Largest pack of corn tortillas available(divide into plastic baggies and freeze so they will last.  I divide them out in portions of 10 each).


4-6 loaves of gluten free bread(premade gluten free bread is pretty spendy and the loaves are quite small.  If you know how to make gluten free bread OR aren’t avoiding gluten, you can save money by making it or getting regular bread).

4 large sacks of apples

6+ lbs. of bananas

2-4 large containers of flavored greek yogurt(Again, GOTTA make your own to save money! Or, if you’re not a fan of greek yogurt anyhow, snag some store brand flavored yogurt.  whatever floats your boat!)

4 jars pasta sauce(or make your own)

2 packages pepperoni

Sliced cheese(I try to get a pack or the equivalent of 50 slices).

2 lbs of cheese to shred(unless shredded is on sale)

gluten free baking mix(or make your own)to make rolls, cheesy dunkers, etc.)

chicken stock(make your own to save money)-you can NEVER have too much chicken stock.

frozen mixed vegetables-largest package available

5 lbs. dried lentils(Yes, it seems like a lot.  However, they cook up quick so that you can make a quick lentil veg soup AND I stretch my ground meat by adding in lentils at a 1:1 ratio)

rice(I usually buy 5 lbs. at a time)


In season/cheap fruits and vegetables


2 large cans of coffee(hey, I have an autistic kid!)

16 cans sweetened condensed milk(to make coffee creamer with)

4 jars cajeta(for *my* coffee creamer)

3 cases vitamin water(HUGE splurge, only if we can get it on sale/coupons)

2 boxes cold brew tea bags


 meat-4 lbs. ground beef

        3 lb. bag of chicken thighs

        large roast(whatever you like...I think I got chuck roast. I get whatever is cheapest)

        1 large whole chicken

        2 lbs. smoked sausage

        2 lbs. breakfast sausage

        4 lbs. bacon

        1 lb. pork-I got pork chops on sale super cheap

        pork shoulder/carnitas-I get the largest one I can find

        2 packages bratwurst

        1-2 lbs. beef stew meat

        ½ lb. sliced black forest ham

        1 lb. lamb stew meat

Produce-6 bell peppers

        4 lbs. carrots

        10 lbs. potatoes

        6 packages frozen broccoli

        4 packages frozen cauliflower

        4 packages frozen peas



        8 sweet potatoes

        1 lb. rutabagas

        1 lb. turnips

        1 large sack onions

        1 lb. jalapenos

        12 cucumbers

        1 lb. radishes

        6 bunches cilantro

        4-6 avocados

        2 lbs. jicama

Everything Else-3 packages frozen spanish rice

        5 lbs. black beans

        5 lbs. pinto beans

        5 lbs. red/kidney beans

        10 cans corn

        20 cans rotel(yup, we put it in everything!)

        8 cans mexican style diced tomatoes

        8 cans tomato puree

        2 lbs. butter

        3 bottles bbq sauce(or make your own)

        4 boxes gluten free flour blend

        8 cans cream of whatever soup(or make your own for super cheap!)

        2 cans pineapple slices

        1 large canister french fried onions(I make ours)

        2-4 boxes gluten free mac n cheese

        1 jar mushrooms

        1-2 large containers sour cream

        1 small container heavy whipping cream

        1-2 large containers half and half

        2 cups parmesan cheese