Library Assistant Job Description

Job Title: Library Assistant

Type of Position: Part-Time

Salary: $9.00


Mondays 8:30-3:30 (with half hour unpaid meal break)

Wednesdays 11:30-8:00 (with one hour unpaid meal break)

Fridays 11:30-5:00 (with half hour unpaid meal break)

Total Weekly Hours: 19


Essential Values of All Christian County Library Employees

All employees of Christian County Library are expected to accept the following values:

Customer Service: Responds to the needs of customers and staff.

Respect:  Courteous, reliable, and dependable.

Positive Attitude: Represents the library to customers and staff in a positive manner;    

    promotes a positive work environment

Accountability: Holds one’s self accountable for actions and decision

Innovation and Initiative: Ability and willingness to complete assigned tasks

Teamwork: Ability to work on a team


Educational Requirements




Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


Job Responsibilities

The follows are the job responsibilities for this position. They are divided into categories with assigned duties that are specific to each section.

Job Responsibility No. 1: Circulation of Library Materials & Monetary Transactions

Job Responsibility No. 2: Place Holds on Materials for Patrons

Job Responsibility No. 3: Maintain Library Records

Job Responsibility No. 4: Processing of Returned Materials

Job Responsibility No. 5: Communication with Co-Workers & Administration

Job Responsibility No. 6:Miscellaneous-  Such as, but Not Limited To


Application (PDF)

Updated September 2015