Bridge of Flowers Business Center/Co-Working

3rd Floor Member DirectoryBOFBC logo.jpg

Buckland Room

D1. Laura Rodley, Wild Blue Yonder, Writer and Photographer


D3. Sydney Jones

Shelburne Room

D4. Hanna Lukinsky    

D5.  Dave King, Editorial Services


D7.  Richard C. Hendrick, LICSW

D8.  T.J. Willard

D9.  Jeannie Robertson, Mohawk District Education Association


Palladian Room

S1.   Eric Wasileski, M. Div.key.jpg

S2.   Michael Cucchiara

S3.   Shane Brenizer, Bad Dad Design

S4.   Dan Smith, Golden Flowers


S6.   Nicolas Miller, Field Geology Services

S7.   Kara Bohonowicz


S9.   James Smith, Better Yet Inc.: Writing, Editing and Training

S10. Brittany Martin



C2.  Craig Shrimpton, Forge Hollow, LLC

C3.  Doug Acuff

C4.  Rebekah and Oliver Clark

C5.  Jill Connolly, THE VOICE of Powerful Communications in Emerging Media

C6-a Field Maloney, West County Cider

C6-b Sebastian Birke


C8.  Cyndee Boehmer, The Creative Counter,  & Pamela Snow, Schoolyard Ecology/Harvard Forest

C9.  Michael McCusker, Race Director & Farm Products Direct Marketing Consultant

Hot-Spot Memberships: L. DiTullo, David Mantell, Clayton Salem, Tom Reynolds, Chris Gokey, Riana Pizzi, Paul Levine, Joanna O’Brien, Erik Hoffner, Jill Francis, William Watkins, Jonathan Shay, Beth Bandy, Tony Facchetti, Melissa Stevens, Kyla McMahon

(October  2017)