Bridge of Flowers Co-Working Business Center

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Buckland Room - 2 Desks Available!

D1. Laura Rodley, Wild Blue Yonder, Writer and Photographer



Shelburne Room - 2 Desks Available


D5.  Dave King, Editorial Services


D7.  Richard C. Hendrick, LICSW

D8.  T.J. Willard

D9.  Jeannie Robertson, Mohawk District Education Association

R2.  Levi J. Roman, Esq.

Palladian Room - 1 Cubicle and 1 Workstation Available!

S1.   Christopher D. Gokey, Systems Engineer   key.jpg

S2.  Michael Cucchiara

S3.  Michael Schreiber, Business Coach

S4.   --AVAILABLE   

S5.   Sasha Perusse

S6.   Nicolas Miller, Field Geology Services

S7.   Kara Bohonowicz, Writer

S8.   Jasper McChesney, Graphic Designer 

S9.   James Smith, Better Yet Inc.: Writing, Editing and Training

S10. Brittany Martin

S11. Elise Skibik, Sky High Marketing

C1.  Mariana Luz, Visiting Angels of the Berkshires

C2.  Jenna Day, RCAP Solutions, Inc.


C4.  Ami Aubin & Benjamin Atkinson, Gypsy Apple Bistro 

C5.  Jill Connolly, THE VOICE of Powerful Communications in Emerging Media

C6-a Field Maloney, West County Cider

C6-b Alex Bogle, Development Mgr., The REACH Project, Inc.

C7.  William Watkins, Blockchain Cryptocurrency & Lily Vreeland, Birthing Mama

C8. Jennifer Hale, J. Hale Drafting Services

 C9.  Michael McCusker, Race Director & Farm Products Direct Marketing Consultant

Hot-Spot Memberships:

Tom Reynolds, Paul Levine, Joanna O’Brien, Erik Hoffner, Tony Facchetti, Haynes Turkle,

Dan Alden, Roxanne Crocker, Shane Brenizer, Tim Bohonowicz, Emily DeVoto

(October 2018)

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