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HSH Contractor Guidelines
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Heritage Contractor Guidelines

1. HSH must see all underlying invoices for work that is sub-contracted. We are unable to accept summarized one line invoices without the underlying invoices and receipts

2. All contacts will have an expected completion date, with some padding, and then a SMALL daily penalty for time overruns. Time and Money are the same thing to us lets work together to complete the project quickly.

3. Hourly time invoices should be submitted to daily at the end of each day worked. Do not let multiple days accumulate.   In the email include:          

  1. Job Name (subject line)  “Dyson Job Report”
  2. Start Time - Stop Time   “9a - 6p”
  3. Hours Worked  “worked 8hrs, 1hr lunch”
  4. Work Completed Today  “completed …”
  5. Upcoming next tasks “tomorrow ….”

4. Read and Register at the Vendor Payments System

Front Door and Main Walkways - Make it Great!

The entire front door area and approach to the house should be impeccable.  The front door paint should be perfect. This is the first thing a new buyer sees and starts making new impressions.  Any waterproofing seals should be perfect and not damaged. No paint marks on weather stripping.  The paint on the front door must look outstanding. The door knobs and kick plates should be in like new condition.  No mold (black or green) should be visible from the front door of the house.

Walkways and siding should be cleaned, bleached, and or pressure washed all leading up the main approaches to the house. We want to give the new homeowner a Great first impression!

Sealed Concrete, all cracks leading up the main walk to the house should be caulked with concrete sealer caulk.   I understand the sealer can end up a different shade of gray. At least when the cracks are caulked it looks maintained and fixed.

Order Materials at the Project Start

Order Materials Up Front, DO NOT wait till middle of the project to find out something is backordered.

Decorators Sheet, I have read and understand. I will order all materials needed at the start of the project. I WILL NOT wait until 3 weeks into the project to find out something is not available or back ordered.

GC on Fee or Cost Plus Contracts (not Fixed Bids)

Make sure tools are not charged to the job.  We pay attention to large tool purchases.

Make sure labor is not logged to our project when the people are not onsite at our project.

Unused materials must be accounted for and returned for a refund, we watch for materials that are transferred to other projects.   We understand small materials it is not practical but do your best to keep track and return what can be returned.

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Reply to this via email acknowledging you have read and understand.