OVMS Class/Field Trip Guidelines

School Field Trips are a privilege and reward for our student body.  OVMS takes trips to locations that many of our students have not had the opportunity of visiting.  We also provide trips with a focus on education.  We purposely plan to attend events that have an educational component built in.  With that said, our goal is to have everyone attend.  However, when we take a school trip we are the face of our community and we have a responsibility to expect exemplary behavior.  In the unfortunate scenario that a student cannot maintain proper conduct at the school, it is unlikely that we can expect the same when on a field trip.  Therefore, we felt it important to establish expectations of conduct that would result in losing the privilege of attending a field trip.  

The following disciplinary infractions may result in a loss of field trip privilege.

Attendance- Students must maintain a 90% attendance rate for the year.


        Detentions- more than 3 in a mid-term period/5 in a semester

        Suspensions- more than 1 in a mid-term period/2 in a semester (instances, not days)

        Bullying- more than 1 detention/suspension per mid-term period

Tardies- 3 tardies = 1 detention.  Therefore, no more than 9 in one mid-term period. 15 in a semester.

Late Stay-  more than 1 late stay per semester

Lunch Detention - 2 lunch detentions=1 detention.  Therefore, no more than 6 in one mid-term period. 10 in one semester.

Social Probation - more than 1 month per semester

The principal will make final determinations on all situations and these infraction guidelines are not final.  This list is also not a comprehensive list and is subject to change, at any time.