WAL how to find the perimeter and area of some classroom objects.

Term 4





P= 2 (L + B) mm,cm,m

A = L x B/W

(sq mm,sq cm,sq m)

Maths book

L =25cm         B=18cm =18cm

P = 2(25+18)cm=2 times 43cm=86cm,

L =24.5cm   B =18.6cm

A =435 sq cm

Modelling book

L=40cm      B=31cm.  P=2(L+B)

=2 x (40+31)cm.

=2 times 71cm. =142cm.

L = 40 cm   B = 31 cm

A = 40cm x 31cm

1240 sq cm  


Large Rectangular Table

Tote tray

Reflection I was learning to find the perimeter and area. It was very difficult for me because I didn't remember the formula what but I did enjoy it but next time I will try again.