Biosphere 10


Humans need food to survive because you can only last 3 weeks without food . In our biosphere we have grown fruit trees, plants, and veggies. We also have animals that we can get bacon and milk and other stuff from our lovely farm animals.


 Humans need water to survive because you can only last 3 days without water. In our Biosphere we have a water system to keep us alive. Your body is 60 percent of water and your brain is 70 percent of water.


 Humans can only survive 3 minutes without air. To make sure you have plenty of oxygen, in our Biosphere we have our forest and agriculture area where we have lots of plants. Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants suck in carbon dioxide and then they produce oxygen. That is our air cycle.

Shelter :

Humans need shelter to survive because otherwise if you get too cold you can die of hyperthermia. If your body temperature is too hot you can die of hypothermia. You need shelter so it can keep you the perfect temperature. . We have plenty enough shelter in our Biosphere.  We have enough warmth and coolness in our living quarters.


In our Biosphere we have wifi to keep us in contact with people online so that we can communicate and so that we can still have a social life with friends and family that are not living in the biosphere.