Math 8                              Mrs. Mentzer   
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Overview: This year we will be working to maintain the mathematical skills you have learned in previous years and learning many new concepts.


Overall Class Grade:  The math average is weighted. The grade will be determined with the following weights:

Homework:  Math skills require practice in order for students to internalize the processes and apply them to real-world situations. Independent work is generally assigned each day. Usually, time will be given in class for students to start the independent work, and students may be asked to finish the work at home. The schedule of assignments will be made available on my classroom website. Homework assignments will be checked the next day it was assigned in class  for “accuracy” in class.  Accuracy meaning they were precise in showing their work and attempting all problems. The expectations for homework assignments are below:

Classwork:  Wake County has recently adopted the “Open Up/Illustrative Math Resources” beginning this school year for all 6-8 Mathematics classrooms.  The “Open Up” classroom experience does not look like the traditional math classroom  that students may have experienced in the past. In the “Open Up” classroom the  teacher launches a deep  mathematical task and then allows students time to work with a partner or small group on solving the task. The teacher circulates among        students and encourages them to explore, question, consider,        discuss        their ideas,  and listen to the ideas of their classmates. Then the teacher brings the whole class back together to discuss  different solution pathways and the mathematics involved. The expectations for classwork assignments are below:

Quizzes: A quiz can function throughout a unit as formative feedback allowing both the instructor and the students to see where they are excelling or need more focus. Quiz questions are usually similar to that of the Test. Students can prepare for Quizzes by actively participating in classroom discussions, classwork, and homework. Quizzes are graded on correctness and accuracy. No quiz corrections or retakes will be given.

Tests/Major Projects: A test is designed to assess the mathematical skills students have typically acquired at the end of a unit. Students can use their notes, classwork, homework,  quizzes, and study guides  to help prepare for their Tests. Tests are graded on correctness and accuracy.

        Test Corrections: The Lufkin Road Grading Policy specifies that students can earn up to ½ credit back for each missed item. The student must complete test corrections at school.

Late Work: Students who are present the day an assignment is due can turn in the assignment for a 10% deduction each school day the assignment is missing.

Absent Work: If a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain and complete any missed assignment – see the complete WCPSS policy for excused absences, as posted on the school website. If a student is out for several days in a row, I may create an absent work agreement with the student specifying deadlines for the work to be turned in.

Extra Help: Extra Help for Math 8 students will be offered on Wednesday mornings from 7:45-8:15. Students should plan to arrive at 7:45 and come with SPECIFIC QUESTIONS. I do not plan specific items for the tutoring sessions, so students should come with questions. Students also have “Lightning” , “Working Lunch” and “TeamTime” to ask specific questions, or to make up missed assignments.

General Expectation: All 8th grade students are expected to be prepared for class in order to fully participate. This includes arriving each day with the necessary materials, attention and commitment to his or her own education. Focusing on one’s education demonstrates respect, responsibility, integrity, and perseverance.

Website & Google Classroom: :On the classroom website you will find a schedule of daily assignments under the Math 8 tab. There is also additional parent/guardian support located under Helpful Links. :On google classroom you will find copies of important handouts and occasionally will be asked to submit assignments through google classroom. If you are absent and a hand out is not provided on google classroom check with me the next day you are present for a copy.

Students and parents, by returning the last sheet of paper signed, you are attesting to the fact that you have read the syllabus and understand the expectations for Math 8.

I am excited about our new year together and the endless possibilities of the future!

Students and parents, by returning this sheet of paper signed, you are attesting to the fact that you have read the syllabus and understand the expectations for Math 8.

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I have read the syllabus and Math 8 expectations.

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