Glenmore Country Club Inclement Weather Policy

All assigned lifeguards and the pool manager have the responsibility of listening for thunder/watching for lightning as well as monitoring the lightning beacon on the pool house.

In the event of thunder, the swimmers will need to leave the water.  It is not necessary for the patrons to leave the deck unless it is deemed unsafe by the pool manager or the head guard.  Swimmers are not permitted to enter the water for 20 minutes after thunder is heard (30 minutes during swim meets).  After 20 minutes, as determined by the head guard/pool manager,  if there is no more thunder, the swimmers will be permitted to enter the water.

In the event of lightning (when the system is activated) the swimmers are directed by the life guards/pool manager to leave the water and exit the deck.  They are not to return to the pool deck until the horn sounds the "All Clear" and the pool is re-opened by the head guard/pool manager.  During swim meets the pool manager and the meet director will discuss clearing the pool area and  where the swimmers should go.   During swim meets, the team will also have the JSL issued NOAA radio at the computer table monitored by table personnel.  For most swim meets, the Club allows patrons to use a designated room in the Club in the event of a weather delay.  Participants and observers may also remain in vehicles on the parking lot adjacent to the pool.  

In the event of lightning (when the system is not activated) the pool manager or head guard will monitor the weather closely.  The same procedure will be followed as above.