Mesa Public Schools

Athletic Participation and Physical Card

“Physical Packet”

In order for a student to be eligible for interscholastic athletics, Mesa Public Schools in cooperation with the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) , requires that each student-athlete have several documents on file with the athletic office at their school.  

These documents are contained in the “Physical Packet” and filed each year. Obtain your physical package during this meeting, from Dobson Athletics Dept (in the Administration building) or online here:

Completed Physical Packets must be on file in Dobson’s Athletic Department before football equipment is issued (helmets, shoulder pads, practice pants, etc.) in July.

Return Completed forms to Dobson High Athletic Secretary, Donna Koch.

Packet Instructions

  1. Packet Jacket - All pages completed and signed by Parent and Student Athlete
  2. Brainbook Concussion Awareness - To be completed by Student Athlete
  3. Mesa Public Schools, Medical Information and Emergency Consent - To be completed by Parent
  4. AIA Annual Participation Physical Evaluation (2 pages stapled) -
  1. Parent complete pages 1, 2, and 3 (medical history questions)
  2. Parent and Student sign page 3!!!
  3. Physician completes page 4 and signs highlighted sections
  1. TOPS Form (dark blue form) - Parent complete and sign
  2. Mesa Public Schools Student Travel form (green form) - parent complete and sign if your Student Athlete is attending Free physical event on March 28th.

It is highly recommended that your Student Athlete attend the free physical being offered on March 28.
In addition to it being free, it give your Player a chance to interact off the field with his teammates.

Forms to bring to Free physical 3/28

All Parent/Guardian signature lines MUST be signed or your Student Athlete will not be allowed on the bus!

Visit for additional Eligibility information
for Mesa Public Schools Student Athletes.