Name of Tool

PC or Tablet


How I have Used this tool


Google Docs

Both; however, performs best on PC

Teaching & Leadership

  • Collaborative writing
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Surveys
  • Forms
  • revisions and history updated in real time

1.  Teaching the recursive writing process

2.  Collaborating on presentations across locations

3.  Building shared documents, including this one

4.  Using forms for digital formative assessment

5.  Using forms to create surveys

6.  Using forms to collect observational data


Google HangOut


Collaboration, video chat, document sharing

1.  PLC and PLN collaboration on projects and curriculum

2.  Provision of feedback on documents and presentations

3.  Collaboration with other districts




A script that can be added to Google Docs to automatically grade assessments

Collecting digital formative assessment data




Script added to Google Docs to allow review of student work using an overlaid rubric

1.  Formative Assessment

2.  Student feedback using rubric



Can view on tablet; however, editing and creation work best on PC


  • Develop and track smart, measurable goals of your PLC and/or strategic plans

1.  Tracking goals and objectives of strategic plan with collaborative team

There is a free version; however, to enjoy all the features, it is best to access the paid version


PC, Tablet, Mobile Device *you do not need 1-1, students can share device and you can still capture individual data

Quick and easy formative assessment or survey that collects the data and exports to spreadsheet.  

1.  Formative assessment of student work

2.  Survey of staff during meetings and PD




PC, Tablet, Mobile Device




ScreenCapture Tool that allows you to capture screenshots and conduct 5 minute screen casts.  

I prefer this tool for a quick screenshot with the ability to annotate.  I tend to use this to send an image with directions.  This tool has 5 minute limits for screencasting and is easiest to use as a link rather than an embedded video.



PC both MAC and Windows

Screencasting and Screenshots

I use this tool to create screencasts for flipped professional development videos.  Easy to use and edit.  15 minute maximus.

Low Cost


PC and Tablet

A digital bulletin board with additional features that allow you to collaborate and create teams that can only see assigned boards

  1. Digital data wall (I love using it for this...imagine no sticky notes falling off chart paper and being able to see the data wall even after you leave the conference room)
  2. Collaborative evidence builder
  3. Vocabulary wall



PC and Tablet



PC and tablet

Research tool that connects the user with websites, databases, and videos while creating a mind map at the same time.  Also builds a glossary of vocabulary and quiz related to the information searched.  

  1. Dashboard allows you to see what students are researching
  2. Can share research with students
  3. Students can create a journal that embeds the links and citations to what was searched.
  4. Integrates directly into Edmodo

Free limited version or paid school version with dashboard


PC and Tablet

This site allows you to embed images, videos, web links, music and documents into an image.

  1. Turn primary source documents into interactive teaching tools.  For example, I embedded images of generals, letters from soldiers, Matthew Brady photographs, music, and history videos into a map of the Battle of Antietam from the Library of Congress.




Create a flippable magazine of your favorite websites.

My flipboard consists of Edweek, Mashable, Edutopia, Twitter, Cool Cat Teacher, and Wired to name a few.  It is a one stop “magazine” that is live, continuously update, and allows me to quickly/easily stay current.  I also like the fact that I can share content directly from the site to other social media sites like Twitter.




Create stories and digital books using images from artists.

  1. Have students write their own story and then upload to Storybird selecting images to match the story.
  2. Have students use the images from Storybird as inspiration for their own stories.
  3. Once published, have students create trailers for their books using animoto
  4. Once published, have student work available on school library site for other students to “check out”

Yes including a teacher dashboard.  To have access to all features, you do need a paid subscription; however, I found the free for teacher version more than sufficient.


Create on PC view on any device

This site allows you to turn any PDF into a flippable book

  1. Have students write a story and illustrate.  Scan and turn into a PDF.  Upload to flipsnack to create a digital book with flippable pages.  Have students create a trailer using animoto for their book.
  2. Create a class book where         each student creates a page.  Scan the writing and illustration, convert to PDF, and upload to Flipsnack to create a digital book.




This site allows you to build, collaborate and share rubrics for a wide array of purposes across all grade levels and content areas.  There is also a digital portfolio option.  In addition to building your own rubrics, you can use or edit rubrics built by community members.

  1. Build rubrics for analyzing student work
  2. Build rubrics to evaluate candidates when interviewing

Yes, but there is a premium upgrade option

Essay Tagger

PC or tablet with Google Drive/Docs

Create CCSS aligned rubrics and then assess students digitally using the rubrics embedded into their submitted digtal work.  Connects directly to students’ Google Doc.

Teams can standardize rubrics and collaborate and calibrate scoring.

No, but there is a free trial


Create on PC view on any device

Create flipped lessons that you can organize into playlists.  Lessons can include formative assessments, audio, video, documents, Google Docs, PowerPoints, Links and Text

  1. I use this site to create flipped professional development courses/tutorials for teachers
  2. Teachers can use this site to create flipped lessons for their classes.  This can be done to blend learning, to create true flipped learning, or to provide access to students who are not able to attend school.

Yes, in fact there is a free flipped course to learn how to use Sophia

PC or Tablet

Oral reading assessment from that calculates reading fluency based on miscues.  Includes comprehension questions.  Both fiction and nonfiction passages are included, or you can upload your own.  Once the assessment is complete, the program will email the parent a progress report.  Charts of student progress are also included to allow the teacher to monitor each student in the class.

This is a great tool to use as a component of running records.  It has a great progress monitoring component and the parent communication is effortless.



Mobile Device

This app is for teachers and parents to search for content specific online teaching resources aligned with Universal Design for Learning. Users can complete a "Class Profile" narrowing the resources by content, grade level and topic. When prompted, questions in the profile tool narrow the search further by asking questions aligned with UDL. In the resources section of the app, teachers can search for lesson plans, multimedia, practice, games, tutorials or by topic and unique search terms. As users navigate the resources, they can save as favorites, share and view on their mobile device. The app also has a section for Universal Design for Learning linking teachers and parents with resources shared directly on the CAST website.

This app was developed as a product of the College and Career Readiness Support Project, a federal ARRA Title-II-D Ed Tech partnership grant, in collaboration with the Maryland State Department of Education.

This tool has been a terrific resource when writing curriculum with UdL in mind.  It is also a great tool for teachers to access as they build lesson plans for their individual classes.



PC and Tablet

Create bookmarks, annotate text, create a library of online resources, add sticky notes to web content, take screenshots, and share web pages.

As we move to the CCSS and PARCC assessment, this is a great tool to use to teach students how to highlight important information in text and how to annotate digitally.  When conducting research, it also allows a student to maintain a library of their resources to return back to over and over again.  The tag feature allows you to easily search and organize your resources.  By having students share what they have book marked and annotated, the teacher can evaluate if the student understands how to evaluate the quality and validity of a web source, as well as if they understand how to annotate and highlight the most important content.



PC or any mobile device

ereader from

Allows you to read, highlight, annotate, and share content.  



PC or mobile device

photo editor

This is a free photo editor that includes many overlays and features of Adobe Photoshop without the cost.  There are also levels of difficulty, so you can select the right version for your students. The end results are pretty amazing and when combined with student presentations in Thinglink, Animoto, FlipSnack, etc., are nothing short of amazing!



Create on PC view on any device

Animoto is an easy tool to create quick videos with music or with voice.

  1. Highlight student work
  2. Have students create book trailers
  3. Have students highlight work

Free 30 second version, paid version for longer film