Drinking Water & Staying healthy - We want you to stay super healthy here, but as you
know, traveler's diarrhea is common as your body adjusts to new water and foods.  

• Toilet paper - all toilet paper gets thrown in trash cans!!

Being aware of your surroundings - Being in a new country is exciting and there is A LOT to look at.

DON'T GIVE MONEY to people who are begging.  People will ask you, children too!  It is something we have to deal with regularly.  

NOTE: Paternalistic views of the North are commonplace in Nicaragua.  Be aware that, if asked, you are here only to learn and that you are not bringing money for their project.  We support people in other ways through our work.  This view also exists in the church and in organizations as a whole.

It is not recommended to get out your wallet and hand over some money; you're putting yourself at a greater risk for theft.  We can have discussions about this when you're here is you want.