Position:  Reception/Registration

This position supports the smooth running of the convention - as it pertains to the entrance of volunteers, special guests, vendors and attendees.  Please review the “General Information” document for a full description of expectations for all InCON volunteers.

This individual will report directly to Courtney Pozzolo and/or Alex Greenwood - referred to as the ‘Volunteer Managers’ (position: Organizing Committee Member - Volunteer Managers)

There will be Reception/Registration in the following areas:

FFC - downstairs: Volunteers & Special Guests

FFC - upstairs: Vendors; attendees

NSH - upstairs: Tournament attendees

Job Description:  

The Reception/Registration Table is the ‘front line’ of the convention, in respect to the flow of people coming through the doors.  The Reception/Registration Team will greet people and will be working quickly and efficiently to provide the appropriate service to the specific group they are dealing with.  Below are the different areas for this position.

Reception /Volunteer Check-in:  Volunteer Check-in Reception will confirm the volunteer’s attendance, provide them with their wristband and send them to their particular area of responsibility when they are checking-in.  There will be a POC at their area that they will have to check-in with and get any final directions for their shift.  If volunteers are entering prior to their shift time they can have their wristband immediately so they can access the convention during their off-time.  While ‘off-duty’ they should not be wearing anything that identifies them as a volunteer to the public (shirt, lanyards or whatever is provided).  Wristbands must be worn at all times.  

Reception/Vendors: Vendors will receive their Vendor Package and wristband at this table Friday evening and Saturday morning only.  The Vendor Coordinators will be available on-site during this time to oversee the Vendors’ set up time.  Reception volunteers may be asked to assist with miscellaneous jobs that help in this area.  Saturday morning after all Vendors have checked in this table will be turned in to the Reception/Preregistration table.

Reception/Special Guests: Special Guests will enter through the downstairs door at the FFC.  Reception will provide them with a wristband OR lanyard (TBD) and will call for a Support Staff for Special Guests Volunteer to escort the Special Guest to the location they are supposed to be at.  If they arrive prior to their required time then they don’t require a volunteer escort as they will probably want to attend certain aspects of the  convention.

Registration/Preregistration: This table will be specifically set up to streamline those who have preregistered.  There will be swag bags for these folks only.  Wristbands will be kept in alphabetical order and when handed out, the person’s name will be highlighted with a marker on the list to indicate they have received it.  All MTG, Warhammer & Warmachine/Hordes tournament participants who have preregistered will go to the Registration table in the Native Sons Hall to receive their wristbands and swag bags.

There will be 2 different areas to this table - NO add-ons VS purchase of add-ons.  Add-ons may be purchased for tournaments at the Registration table in the building that the tournament is being held.  

Registration/At the Door:  The FFC will be the location where ‘general convention passes’ will be sold.  For those purchasing tournament passes in addition to convention passes, they must be purchased in the building the tournament is being held.   There will be a list of the tournaments and their locations.  Tally sheets identifying the demographic of walk-ins must be maintained.  

Position Requirements:  

This individual must be able to read, find names in alphabetical order quickly, have good organizing skills and great communication skills.  It is imperative that this individual has excellent customer service skills and is able to think quickly on their feet.  Handling money, this person must be able to use a calculator.    

This document is a fluid document, being a guideline only.