What is this Manual All About?

Just Give Me the Tools Already!

Park University: Vision, Mission and Values

What are the dates I should mark on my calendar for this semester?

Who are the important people who can help make my organization more successful at Park?

You Have Talked About Certified Organizations. What is Organizational Certification and What are the benefits?

What are some key activities that will make my organization successful?

Okay, but what about the money?

PSGA Special Funding Requests

But what if someone really wants to just give me money?

Benefit of Active Organization Status Include:

Great! I have money now how can I spend it?

How Can I Spend My Organizations Money FlowChart

Running Your Organization

What Are The Requirements of Being An Officer?

What are some tips for successful meetings?

What are some tips for successful events?


Marketing Suggestions

Creative Marketing Ideas

What is this Manual All About?

Student Life staff and Park Student Government Association are pleased you have assumed a leadership role at Park University. We applaud your willingness to become involved, and we are here to assist you in your efforts. You have a large amount of responsibility, as well as numerous opportunities for growth and development.


Information in this manual should be utilized to assist you in your leadership responsibilities. We have listed Park University’s policies and procedures for student groups, in addition to helpful ideas, guidelines and important dates for student events.


The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement is located in the Thompson Student Center on the 1st floor across from Pirate Grounds. Other Student Life staff are located on the 2nd floor of the Thompson Student Center. Staff in these offices are available to assist you in planning an event, scheduling space, acquiring funds, promoting an activity, and/or evaluating an event.

The Park Student Government Association, made up of 15 Student Senators, provides funding to certified student organizations each semester, and serves as chairs or members of University committees. The PSGA Office is located in the Academic Underground, across from the Library, and the office phone number is (816)584-6398. Both Student Life Staff and PSGA are here to help – we hope you will stop by or call.


Student Organization Quicklinks

  1. Certification Form (Needed before any other requests can be processed): https://secure.jotformpro.com/form/32315261938959
  2. Update Your Members: https://secure.jotformpro.com/form/32226877902964 
  3. PSGA Standard Funding Allocation (to be completed before January 28th, 2014): https://secure.jotform.us/PSGA/Club_Allocation_Form
  4. PSGA Special Funding Request form (to be completed three (3) weeks before your special event): https://secure.jotform.us/PSGA/Special_Funding_Request 
  5. Request to Solicit Donations Form: https://secure.jotform.co/ParkUniversity/requesttosolicitdonations 
  6. Event Management Checklist: https://drive.google.com/previewtemplate?id=0Anq8Xf3HlTp-dFE5ZGI1ZEpyenIySGM3NzhGODVOS2c&mode=public
  7. Schedule an Event: http://astra.park.edu/
  8. Meeting Minutes Templates https://drive.google.com/previewtemplate?id=1_OZw_hsK00NoBatEBtdr4Ump6LzSlt4R9P12G0e6B08&mode=public 
  9. Petition to Form a New Organization: https://secure.jotform.co/form/32226872800855

Park University: Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Park University, a pioneering institution of higher learning since 1875, will provide leadership in quality, innovative education for a diversity of learners who will excel in their professional and personal service to the global community.

Mission Statement

Park University provides access to a quality higher education experience that prepares a diverse community of learners to think critically, communicate effectively, demonstrate a global perspective and engage in lifelong learning and service to others.

Core Values that Guide Our Actions


Civility and Respect


Global Citizenship



Student Life Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Student Life is to establish programs and services to enable students to become successful students, engaged citizens, and committed alumni.

Office of Student Leadership & Engagement Mission Statement

The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement is committed to enhancing the education and development of Park University students by providing leadership opportunities and resources focused on experiential and service oriented learning.

Office of Student Leadership & Engagement Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in Student Leadership & Engagement programs and events will:

  1. Recognize and apply their service and university involvement experiences to university, career and personal decisions.
  2. Understand their rights and responsibilities as involved citizens within their personal, local and global community.
  3. Be provided opportunities to define, develop and enhance healthy relationships with peers, faculty, staff and greater community members.

Student organization leaders within the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement will:

  1. Be provided with organization and leadership development theory in order to understand and apply such theory to their involvement experience.
  2. Utilize academic and personal values and experiences to achieve desired goals through the use of S.M.A.R.T. analysis.
  3. Understand the differences between leadership and management and be able to communicate such differences effectively.

What are the dates I should mark on my calendar for this semester?





Student Leader Retreat




Student Organizations Governing Document Workshop


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Pirate Grounds Thompson Commons

Presidents Round Table


12:30 - 1:30 PM

Copley Quad Conference Room 109

Student Organizations Governing Document Workshop


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Pirate Grounds Thompson Commons

Student Mentor Selection



Mabee Underground

Advisors’ Roundtable




Preacher Moss - Black History Month Speaker




Park 100 Challenge Kick Off (Senate Meeting)



Thompson Commons First Floor

February Day of Service



Meet in Thompson First Floor

Presidents Round Table




March Day of Service



SLE Office

Day of Service Harvesters



SLE Office

Park's Olympics Competition



Labor Hall

Presidents Round Table -- Transitions




Other Special Events, Club Meeting Dates, and University Closings are listed on the

Park University Website at www.park.edu/calendars

Who are the important people who can help make my organization more successful at Park?  

Student Life Staff



Diana Boyd McElroy Ph.D.

Dean of Students



Jayme Uden, Ed.D.

Associate Dean of Student Life



Kathleen Robey

Director of Food Services



Andrew Davis, M.P.A.

Director for Student Success



Thia Tomasich

Campus Safety



Ben Zibers

Coordinator for Student Engagement



Camille Lloyd

Print Services



Ronnie LaNear

Media Services



Help Desk

Information Technology Requests



Alicia Youmans

Environmental Services



2013-2014 Park Student

Government Association Officers



Mika Mahyenga

PSGA President


Kirby Appollis

PSGA Vice President


Janek Sunga

PSGA Secretary


Triumfia Houmbie

PSGA Business Manager  


You Have Talked About Certified Organizations. What is Organizational Certification and What are the benefits?

Certifying your club is an easy way for us to put the student funding to best use to make sure that each club is active each and every semester. In order to be certified and keep your club in good standing please complete the following steps.

  1. Make sure to attend the leadership retreats. Emails will be going out the first week of the semester to make sure that you are informed as well as the Universitys Trumba Calendar: www.park.edu/calendars
  2. Turn in the Certification Form located at: https://secure.jotformpro.com/form/32315261938959
  3. Have a valid constitution on file at Student Life email studentlife@park.edu to find out whats on file thus far if you are unsure.
  4. Review and meet the organizational expectations
  5. Sumbit your events to Park University Calendar: http://new.park.edu/calendars/submit-an-event.html
  6. Submit your meeting minutes to studentlife@park.edu after your meetings. Please use the template located at: https://drive.google.com/previewtemplate?id=1_OZw_hsK00NoBatEBtdr4Ump6LzSlt4R9P12G0e6B08&mode=public   

Involvement is a key part of any successful Park University graduate. The requirements for an officer in a student organization are as follows:

  1. Enrolled in at least six credit hours & maintain a 2.5 GPA requirement
  2. Adherence to the Student Code of Conduct
  3. Check Your Park Email
  4. Response to Emails

In addition to personal expectations, we require that all active organizations, that are certified, have the following things:

What are some key activities that will make my organization successful?


Core Activities of an Effective Organization

•        Accomplishing its goals and purpose statement or mission.

•        Maintaining it internally and externally.

•        Developing and changing in ways that improve its effectiveness.

•        Facilitating student involvement and learning.

There are eight essential characteristics of a successful organization.

Members Know Each Other Well

This characteristic, which provides a means of team and community building within an organization, is the keystone on which all of the remaining characteristics are built.  It must be present and continuously renewed if the organization is to

Function effectively.  Some effective ways to accomplish this is include having retreats, creating mentor relationships, and facilitating team-builders. Organizations may also divide up the group into subgroups with four-to-five members so that each week, each subgroup does something together. The subgroups should be changed every few weeks so that different

Members have the opportunity to interact with different members throughout the year.


Members Are Involved in Defining Organizational Goals

The more involved members are in planning group goals, the greater the commitment will be by members in achieving

those goals.  Examples of how to accomplish this include asking for input and creating committees.  Retreats are a great way to get members involved and engaged in defining the goals.


Members Help to Generate Ideas

While it may be quite simple for a few group leaders to produce ideas for special programs, this does little to develop a

sense of ownership and participation among other group members. Involve the entire group in brainstorming ideas and then narrowing those ideas down into goals.


There is a Commitment to Group Decision-Making

People support programs they help to create.  Involving the group in decision-making helps to insure a full measure of

group participation and support.


Skills, Resources and Liabilities of the Group and Community Are Identified

Many groups are often rich in natural resources and skills available through members.  Likewise, the university campus and surrounding community are a rich source of additional resources. Take advantage of the Office of Campus

Involvement Resource Library, other student organization ideas, and University staff.  In addition to this, it might be helpful to do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.


Systematic Problem Techniques Are Used

Resolve conflicts when they appear.  Do not wait for them to fester.  For example, if one sees that a problem might erupt at a meeting or an event, attempt to get those people who are arguing away from everyone else and help them to resolve their differences.  Stress the importance of compromising.  If the organization is unable to resolve issues, consult your organization advisor and the Office of Student Life.


 The Group Effectively Communicates its Mission and Projects to its Members and the Community

The timeline with which a group communicates to others outside the group and members inside the group has implications for such important factors as recruitment of members and attendance at functions sponsored by the group. For example, each organization should have a Public Relations (PR) Chairperson to coordinate PR for the organization. PR can be externally via the BG News, press releases, posters, flyers, websites, and marketing e-mails.  PR can also be done internally via newsletters, meeting minutes, and social media 

  The Group Participates in Periodic Evaluation and Assessment

Groups need to become accustomed to routinely evaluating a variety of aspects of group life, ranging from the way meetings are handled to assessing the success of a particular project or program.  This might require an outside facilitator. The organization should work with the group’s advisor to determine the most effective means to assess effectiveness.

Okay, but what about the money?

People and money, these are the two essential pieces of any successful organization. At Park there are three main way Organizations at Park University receive funding: PSGA Club Allocations, PSGA Special Funding Requests, and Donations.

Club Allocations

The Park Student Government Association has a budget for Clubs and Organization funding. They are the primary benefactor of organizations at Park University. This is due to the $50 Student Fee that students pay when signing up for classes. The breakdown of the funds is $15 to PSGA, $15 to PSAB, and $20 to the Pirate Fitness Center. 60% of the PSGA total allocation goes to organization allocations and eligible organizations will gain $300 automatically if certified and applied.

Club allocations will be awarded with the intent to provide certified clubs and organizations with initial operating funds. These are funds geared at fundraising, marketing, and involvement opportunities for organizations.

To qualify for the $300 dollar automatic payment you must:

  1. Certify your Club (more on this later in the document)
  2. Check your club’s balance
  3. Identify the club plans for the semester
  4. Prepare a draft itemized budget
  5. Find out how much money will you need for the semester
  6. Request a club allocation with a budget attached through: https://secure.jotform.us/PSGA/Club_Allocation_Form
  7. Submit the form before the deadline for allocation requests which is the third week of classes each semester (Fall 2013 is September 9th)

PSGA Special Funding Requests

The second option for organizations is the PSGA Special Funding Request. This request has been created for special projects such as large-scale campus events, conferences, or projects. The request of funding can be by any certified club or organization and must include:

  1. Identify the event/activity/conference that you want to organize
  2. Prepare an itemized budget and find out the total cost of it
  3. Check the account balance
  4. Submit a request with a budget attached
  5. Deadline for a special funding request is three (3) weeks prior to the date the request requires approval.
  6. PSGA Special Funding Request form: https://secure.jotform.us/PSGA/Special_Funding_Request 

Please check out the interactive flowchart below to help gain a greater understanding of the funding process:


But what if someone really wants to just give me money?  

The Parkville & Kansas City Community is a great place to seek out donations for your group functions & activities. Here are a few important tips and reminders for fundraising:

  1.  All fundraising projects must be approved by the Office of Student Life three (3) weeks prior to the commencement of the event
  2.  Fund-raising events cannot be of such a nature that they conflict with food service or the bookstore’s operations. If you plan to have a bake sale, for example, all baked goods may be made and brought from home. Only donated items are exempt from the rule that all food items must be purchased through campus food service. For assistance with proper food safety issues – please check with the Director of Food Service.
  3. Organizations should make sure they have enough volunteers to run their event before the event is scheduled. There shall be no abuse of time or space in the scheduling of the event. Administrative action may be taken if a violation is recognized.
  4. Fund-raisers similar in nature with other clubs or organizations will not be scheduled at the same time.
  5. Please contact the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement if you need
  6. assistance developing fundraising ideas.

Acquiring donations can be a daunting task, but following these steps will help to make the process more cohesive and manageable:

  1. Before asking a business to make a donation, you must complete the Request to Solicit Donations for Certified Park University Student Organizations, available online at: https://secure.jotform.co/ParkUniversity/requesttosolicitdonations . Using that information, Student Life staff will ask University Advancement staff to approve the request.
  2. After approval, you will need a letter to take to the businesses that verifies your position and club. This letter should also include a brief description of the planned activity the donation/contribution will support and an explanation of why your group is trying to raise money. (Businesses tend to be more willing to donate to organizations when they know who you are, what you do, and what your organization hopes to accomplish by soliciting funds or items for donation).
  3. When donations are received, you will want to prepare thank you notes to the contributors and include the appropriate publicity to recognize those businesses that have supported your event. University Advancement staff may also prepare letters for those businesses for tax purposes, verifying the type of donation and estimated value. Please check with Student Life if businesses make such a request.

Note: Make sure you maintain a list of businesses to which you have made solicitations for future use.

Disability Services

Please include the following statement in your documentation and share it with your organization members. “Park University makes reasonable accommodations available for persons with disabilities who wish to participate in Student Organization Activities. Please contact Disability Services, at disabilityservices@park.edu, or 816-584-6332, with your request. Please include the requested accommodation and your contact information.”

Benefit of Active Organization Status Include:

View the interactive flowchart below (click to engage) to view the material in a different way.

Great! I have money now how can I spend it?

At Park University, all student organization funds must be maintained and disbursed through the Accounting Office. Clubs and organizations are members of the University community and are expected to follow all University policies regarding budgets and purchases. The membership of the organization must approve all expenditures involving organizational funds by a majority vote at official organization meetings. Please see the outline below to learn about financial procedures for student groups.

Petty Cash – Up to $50.00

1. Obtain a Petty Cash Form, available in the Student Leadership & Engagement Office or from your advisor.

2. Complete the form and submit to your advisor for approval.

3. The Organization 90-Account balance will be verified.

4. Go to the Cashier's Window between the hours of 10:00 am – 3:30 pm to receive


5. Obtain a copy of Park University’s tax exempt form in the Student Leadership & Engagement Office of from your advisor. If you pay tax on an item – you are personally responsible for the amount of the tax.

6. Return receipts and change totaling amount of Petty Cash request to the Cashier's Window the following business day.

Adviser Purchase Card

Your organization’s adviser or a Student Life staff member will ave access to a Park University Purchase Card. These are the credit cards of the University and are helpful on online purchases and purchases of large amounts. Purchase orders may need to be completed depending on the size of the purchase.

Purchase Order – $100.01 or more

A purchase order is an Electronic Purchase Requisition is a form used to request goods and services for use by the University.

  1.  Your advisor will assist you in completing a purchase request through CX.
  2.  Once your request has been approved you will be issued a Purchase Order with a number. The original purchase order will be mailed to the business or person you are receiving goods or services from.
  3. To complete payment after you have received your item, your advisor should sign the copy of the invoice and return it along with the pink copy of the purchase order to Accounts Receivable, Campus Box #50.
  4. If the vendor will not accept a purchase order as payment, a written estimate for goods or services and a copy of the purchase order should be submitted to the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement and they will assist you in processing a check request.

All receipts submitted for reimbursement must be itemized or have an official statement from the company attached listing the specific items purchased. Also, the original purchase must have been pre-approved by the club membership and Advisor.


How Can I Spend My Organizations Money FlowChart

How Do I Form A New Student Organization?

New Organizations are essential to the Universities functioning and involvement opportunities. We welcome the opportunity to formulate new organizations. Here are some of the requirements needed to form a new student organization.

  1. Turn in “Petition to Form a New Club”
  2. Petition to Form a New Organization: https://secure.jotform.co/form/32226872800855
  3. At least one Park University full-time faculty/staff advisor
  4. At least five interested members
  5. Six weeks to write a constitution and turn in with Certification Form.

Leadership Opportunities


Doris Howell Leadership Awards Banquet– April , 9, 2012 6:00pm PDL

Nominations will be due on March 2nd, 2012 for these leadership awards. Individual

student leaders, organizations and advisors are all recognized for the outstanding work

and contributions that are made to the Park community throughout the year.

Running Your Organization

What Are The Requirements of Being An Officer?

These requirements are the same as our expectations. They are:

  1. Enrolled in at least six credit hours & maintain a 2.0 GPA requirement
  2.  Adherence to the Student Code of Conduct
  3. Check Your Park Email
  4. Response to Emails

How can I obtain and retain members?

  1. Leaders should have current roster of names, emails, phone numbers, positions, and any other information relevant to the organization (t-shirt sizes, class year, campus address, committee placements, etc.)
  2. Keep people accountable to their responsibilities.
  3. Be consistent and fair; don’t be a dictator.
  4. Develop meaningful relationships with members, don’t always talk about the org, be sociable and approachable
  5. Look presentable
  6. Wear organization apparel if you have it

What are some tips for successful meetings?

  1. Define the purpose of the meeting
  2. Develop and stick to the agenda
  3. Record meeting minutes and distribute to all members
  4. Official Meeting Minutes Template found at: https://drive.google.com/previewtemplate?id=1_OZw_hsK00NoBatEBtdr4Ump6LzSlt4R9P12G0e6B08&mode=public and email to studentlife@park.edu afterward.
  5. Give members a chance to discuss and evaluate goals and objectives
  6. Keep members updated on current events and ask for their input
  7. Pull everyone’s resources and opinions together for decision making.
  8. Delegate tasks and trust that members will follow through
  9. Incorporate member appreciation and recognition for hard work and successes.

What are some tips for successful events?

Create goals and objectives for the event (How it fits into the organizations purpose)

Inform advisor regarding event

Secure funding for an event from Student Senate

Check room availability and request space with Ben Zibers Ben.Zibers@park.edu 

Fill out online calendar submission form

Delegate these tasks to org members or committee-who is in charge of what?

Schedule organization members to work event

Begin communication with performer (if needed)

Arrangements for Catering with Kathleen Robey.

Request electronics from with trackit@park.edu

CC your advisor

Notify Campus Safety Dispatch@park.edu

Design, print, and pick-up fliers Camille.Lloyd@park.edu

Post fliers approved at the Student Life Office, Thompson 2nd Floor.

Wear name tags to identify yourself as part of the organization

Welcome people to your event

Be on time (which means early)

Stay after to help clean or tear down

Here is a sample checklist:

Event Management Checklist

Park U Program Planning Checklist





Check Feasibility

Check for available dates.

Possible conflicts?

Budget Resources

Sum of all program expenses

Money currently available

Anticipated Income

Human Resources

Assess skills of group members.

Will outside help be needed?

Preparation Tasks Facility Reservations Food/Catering








Request for Purchase Form

Equipment Requirements/ AV

Public Address


Set-Up/Decorations Transportation Lodging








News Releases

Radio/TV Ads

PARK UNIVERSITY Web Events Calendar

Table Tents

Newspaper Ads

Event Tasks

Review Checklist

Assist Last Minute Problems

Follow Up

Return Equipment

Close Out Financial Records

Evaluation of Program

Program Summary

Thank You Notes

Now that you have your room reserved it's time to start advertising. Events can be added to the Park University Calendar by the following website http://www.park.edu/calendar/submit.html. The submission form can also be found on the Park University Home page here: Submitting your event puts your event front and center on the Park University Home Page. All you need to do is fill out the form below and we do the rest.


Park University welcomes the ability for students to market to a wide and diverse audience. Here are some tools that you mind find helpful in the quest to effectively market events.

Lets get the hard stuff out of the way first.

First and foremost is the issue of copyrights and contracts. You cannot legally show and distribute copyright films or images on Park University campus without buying a license. Organizations cannot print anything (fliers, apparel, etc.) with copyrighted images, slogans or logos. One alternative to copyright images is the creative commons library try searching the creative commons library (http://search.creativecommons.org/). This includes all Park logos. These can be used with the Permission of the Office of Communication.

In terms of Contracts, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! The office of Student Leadership and Engagement will assist you with any contracts or vendor requests. Contracts are legally binding documents that require the signature of the University’s Vice President of Finance and Administration.

Creating and posting advertisements are an attractive, easy way to get the attention of those walking around campus. All posters must be submitted, approved and stamped by the Student Life Office, and will be displayed within three business days. If you would like to distribute the posters yourself, you may get them stamped by Student Life and take them for distribution.  Postings are essential to two main purposes:

1. To publicize events the group is sponsoring

2. To promote student participation in group event or University events.

These Posters and signs MUST INCLUDE the sponsoring group or person(s), a contact phone number, and dates and time of the event, if applicable. Any posters or signs not following these guidelines may not be approved.

Here are some helpful hints in making successful posters.

  1.  Posters must include: the sponsoring group or person(s) name, date and
  2. time of the event if applicable and contact information of the sponsor. Send all job postings to the Career Development Center for approval.
  3. For napkin holder displays in the cafeteria, we require the size to be 6.5” X 4.25”. Reserve the napkinholder displays in the Student Life Office. Advertisements displayed in the napkin holders will be removed after 21 days.
  4. Upon approval posters will be displayed at the specified locations listed below. Locations: (15 copies needed)
  1. Thompson 1st floor
  2. Millsap foyer in underground
  3. Underground across from copy center
  4. Underground across from mailboxes
  5. Underground by Senate office (Senate use only)
  6. Outside sign (upper parking lot and Copley
  7. Mackay outside cashier’s window
  8. Mackay on various freestanding boards
  9. Norrington
  10. Copley three boards
  11. Alumni side foyer
  12. Herr House
  13. **Posters may also be sent to the Independence and Downtown locations
  1. Unapproved posters and signs and/or items will be removed without notification.
  2. Postings on glass, wood, or painted surfaces are prohibited and will be removed.
  3.  Student Life staff will monitor and remove out-of-date posters and signs.
  4.  In general, posters and signs should not be larger (11” X 14”). Posters larger than this will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Of course, The Student Life Office may prohibit the distribution of literature that is judged to cause disruption of the educational process or which might be offensive to individuals or groups within the University community.

  1. Other Posting Options Include:
  1. If you would like to use the Digital Billboards please Submit a trackit (Trackit@park.edu) with the image that you would like displayed and the dates you would like it displayed.
  2. An advertisement of the event can be sent to the Stylus, Pirate Radio, or through the Advancement Office online publications.
  3. There are a variety of social media options as well.
  1. Facebook can be a valuable social tool to engage an audience both in person and online
  2. Twitter can be a viable source of input and output as well. If you do decide to post on twitter please hashtag #parkpirates so we can all tweet and retweet.
  1. Please include the following statement in your documentation and share it with your organization members. “Park University makes reasonable accommodations available for persons with disabilities who wish to participate in Student Organization Activities. Please contact Disability Services, at disabilityservices@park.edu, or 816-584-6332, with your request. Please include the requested accommodation and your contact information.”

Marketing Suggestions


Creative Marketing Ideas

Not all marketing is policy and procedures, the essence of marketing is getting the attention of the campus population. This often takes some creativity and new ideas. Here are some creative marketing suggestions:

  1. Fill balloons with helium and write your program information on them. You can give these out to students, tie them to chairs and other furniture in the Student Center (with permission) and have friends walk around  with them tied to their backpacks.
  2. Become a walking billboard: Get poster boards and hang them over your shoulders with your program advertisement displayed prominently.
  3. Host a commuter coffee cart. To appeal to the good folks who drive in each day, have a coffee cart set up in a main commuter  lot. Make labels with your event info and stick them  to the coffee cups.
  4. Hang your ads on string from the ceiling.  Make them high enough so people can walk under them, but low enough that they catch their eyes. If the ads are at most peoples’ eye level, they will  automatically read them.
  5. Get a stamp or stickers that say, “TODAY.” On the day or evening before your program, stamp posters with the “Today” sign as an eye catcher. (Or write “TODAY” in red marker.)
  6. Ask foodservice where you can put ads. See if your ads can be attached to items in the vending machines. Ask the campus store to distribute a small ad with each purchase. Have your program as the special of the day on cafeteria signs.
  7. Use table tents in the cafeteria.
  8. Costumes: Ask someone to dress up in an eye-catching costume. To attract attention, have someone out there in a costume. When people ask them why they are dressed up, they can hand out cards with the information about the event.
  9. Create a sense of mystery. Put up signs and block off the programming space for two days before your program. Make it obvious that something will be happening there. Cover any windows with black paper and make sure people can’t peak inside. People will be so curious when the time of the program comes that they will be there!