V8 API Changes

This document lists V8 API changes for each major V8 version. An item in the list contains a link to the corresponding CL. Starting from V8 3.29 we require that any CL that introduces an API change must include in its description or in a design doc:

Until then please contact the author of  the CL if you have questions and CL description doesn't provide enough information.

Ongoing and Planned Changes

The following is a (potentially incomplete, sorry about that) list of ongoing and planned changes to V8 that will affect the API. In general, bigger changes will be announced on v8-users@googlegroups.com before work starts. APIs that are marked as V8_DEPRECATE_SOON will be marked as V8_DEPRECATED in the future. APIs marked as V8_DEPRECATED will usually be removed after one V8 release.

V8 4.6 API Changes

V8 4.5 API Changes

V8 4.4 API Changes

V8 4.3 API Changes

V8 4.2 API Changes

V8 4.1 API Changes

V8 3.30 API Changes

V8 3.29 API Changes

V8 3.28 API Changes

V8 3.27 API Changes

V8 3.26 API Changes

V8 3.25 API Changes

V8 3.24 API Changes

V8 3.23 API Changes

V8 3.22 API Changes








Use the corresponding function without Isolate parameter.