OpenStreetMap Foundation

Licensing Working Group

  Tuesday 27th August 2013

18:00 - 18:55 UTC

Agenda & Minutes


Present:  Paul Norman, Dermot McNally, Simon Poole, Michael Collinson


Minutes by: Michael

1. Adoption of Minutes of last meeting (30th July)

Note: This editable minute link is for LWG members only. A public version is normally available at

Proposed: Paul

Seconded: Simon



2. MATTERS ARISING (open action items from previous meetings)

  • MapBox "attribution mark" proposal
  • Simon: talk to legal counsel: replace of the credit “© OpenStreetMap contributors” or similar with a visual mark - is this “legally” valid? (done)
  • --> Simon will upate the Github page
  • Mike Contact UK Ordnance Survey Legal re potential conflict with “OSMM” ?OS Master Map? trademark (done - awaiting response)
  • Simon: Ask MapBox precisely how geocoding would be used in the Foursquare situation.
  • Information for officials and diplomats of countries and entities with disputed territories
  • 2013-07-30 Mike - make sure DWG have had a chance to review
  • Mike to send to the board as our proposal for their consideration (pending DWG review)
  • 2013-07-30 Mike update wiki re Derived DB versus Produced Work

3. Finalise today's agenda

4. LWG welcomes Paul Norman as new member

Paul Norman has kindly volunteered to join the LWG as a full member and was unanimously accepted and welcomed.

5. Trademark Registration (Simon)

·             Australia

·             China

·             India

·             Japan

·             Russia

·             Ukraine

(Canada not included due to expense)

Quotes received for the above approximately £1,950 for WIPO fees and £900 plus VAT for legal administration fees.  Simon to request funds from Oliver.

6. OSMF Articles of Association Update

The new draft Articles have now gone out with with OSMF AGM invitation.  Two special resolutions will be voted on and need 75% to pass.

Text of the new articles

7. DMCA document


- Check that counsel OK with us publishing takedown notices

- Check that we have procedure to deal with counter notices

- We should not block accounts unless they are re-uploading data.

- Generate templates for various stages

8. Using Facebook (and other) logins for OpenStreetMap access.

Code is now available to do this and it is an often requested feature.  The problem is Facebook terms of use, there is a *potential* grey area in that we are not “legal” in every country that Facebook users may log in from, for example: see III. A 2 “Demographic restrictions” and III, B, 4

Approaches to Facebook legal have not resulted in response.  Mike - Ask legal counsel whether there is any general risk to the project and its data if Facebook feel we do not match their policies.

Paul - asked on github issues

9. About Boxes

Last meeting minutes: “LWG therefore encourages the community to consider specific guidelines for specific type of media. Some examples that also need more consideration are:

  • Mobile devices with small screens (specific maximum size perhaps? If so, how?)
  • Thumbnails of images appearing in a gallery of images on a website.
  • Film, tv, video, streaming media with end credits.
  • The same without credits.”

Mike - Forward to legal-talk

10. Community Guidelines/Norms - Process Formalisation

Mike - Publish what we decided at 2013-07-30 meeting

11. Privacy Issues API/Planet Dump

No progress on review:

Review and propose updates the general privacy statement for registration of contributors to appear to make sure it addresses:

  • What is done with your registration info
  • API usage by third parties.
  • Personal data may be indirectly exposed via your edits
  • Personal data may be indirectly exposed via your uploaded GPS traces.
  • And of course anything added to wiki, blogs, IRC, mailing lists is a matter of public display.

We should also consider whether we need to point out, formally or informally, that UK Data Privacy regulations may apply to use of planet dumps to generate personal profiles about contributors.

12. AOB

Paul has produced a paper “Geocoding, ODbL and derivative works

All - Review and comment via email or at next meet

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 10th September at 18:00 GMT/UTC