The Lexington School BYOD Program Policy

BYOD Overview

The Lexington School allows students to use personally owned devices such as laptops and tablets with browsing capabilities for educational purposes when approved by the classroom teacher. Similar to other personally owned items, the school is not liable for the loss, damage, misuse, or theft of personally owned devices brought to school. All device maintenance and upkeep is the sole responsibility of the device owner.

Minimum Device Capabilities

The purpose of allowing teachers to decide which devices are appropriate for their classroom is to improve student learning and achievement. Any device which cannot meet certain minimum requirements, or any device deemed by the classroom teacher as not fitting with the instructional goals of the lesson will not be allowed in the classroom.

Expectations for Personal Device Use


  1. Students will only use appropriate educational applications on their device as determined by the teacher (i.e. not non-school related tasks and functions).
  2. Students are not to call, text message, email, post to social networks, or electronically communicate with others from their personal device, including other students, parents, guardians, friends, and family unless it is part of classroom instruction.
  3. Students’ devices are permitted to access only the school’s network, not private networks or cellular data connections.
  4. Students not following expectations for use of personal devices will face school disciplinary measures.

*Students will never be required by individual teachers to bring in outside technology to school. All students will continue to be able to utilize school equipment. No student will be left out of the instructional process.

Device Recommendations