Board & Train


What you need to know!

Sometimes behavior changes occur during the first day or so while at Big Leap of Faith. This is normal as they make take some time to settle in. During non-training time your dog will be housed indoors in it’s own room with a crate. Your dog will enjoy walks down to Harriet Island and have the opportunity to work exercises there as well as other places in the community.

What items should I bring when you arrive?


1. 50% payment upon pick and the remaining balance due upon drop-off.


2. Proof of vaccinations


3. A supply of dog food for 14 days. Pre-packaged for each day is ideal


4. If your dog needs to have certain treats please plan to pack them.    

5. Any medication or supplements that your dog may be on. Please have it    

   clearly labeled.


6. You dog's bed and favorite toys. Something that smells like home.

7. Collar with proper ID tags

8. Remember, dogs chew. Even dogs beyond the chewing stage, may chew when they’re away from home. I can’t guarantee you’ll get things back in the same condition as they came in although I will certainly try!

**Big Leap of Faith is not responsible for any damaged items that occur during your dog's stay.**

Where will my dog stay?

Your dog will stay in the comfort of my home. I have a room just for board and train dogs! No kennel run outside or away from the trainer!

Where will you train my dog?

Training will happen within my home, backyard, in the neighborhood, dog friendly stores, and I am within walking distance to Harriet Island!