Clear Creek Amana High School-

1:1 Chromebook Policies and Expectations

During the 2015-2016 school year all high school students at Clear Creek Amana High School will be issued a Chromebook (Toshiba 2 model). The students will also be issued a charging cord and case for their Chromebook.

Prior to being issued a Chromebook the student and parent(s) will be required to attend the orientation and 1:1 roll-out night. The parent(s) and student will also be required to read and sign the required paperwork.

Orientation/1:1 Roll-Out Nights

Monday the 17th: 9th, 10th grade

Tuesday the 18th: 11th, 12th grade

Student must bring Signed Parent/Guardian/Student Agreement Form

Parent(s) need not be present at Rollout

6:00-8:00 PM

Vision, Expectations, and Care

What is the vision for 1:1 laptop initiative?

The Clear Creek Amana School District strives to provide our students with the necessary educational tools to achieve success in a 21st Century learning environment.  To help assist in this goal, the Clear Creek Amana School District has implemented a 1:1 initiative at the High School beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year.

How will the addition of this technology help our students?

Who owns the Chromebook computers?

The Clear Creek Amana Community School District retains ownership of all school-issued technology and accompanying accessories. A device will be issued to each student during the orientation-computer roll-out nights. Because the device is owned by the school district, CCACSD retains the rights to monitor the use of the Chromebook.

What type of Chromebook and other equipment will the students receive? (EDIT ONCE DEVICE SELECTED)

The Toshiba Chromebook 2 is Toshiba's second chromebook model. Featuring a 13.3" screen, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and support for the latest 802.1 AC wireless standards. This model was the only one of eight models tested that had no complaints during the pilot program. Additional details about the device can be found here:

It does not have a CD/DVD drive nor will it run any browser other than Chrome. The device will also not have the Office Suite or any other programs installed. It will utilize Google Drive and Google Apps for word processing, spreadsheets, video editing, and presentational needs. We will also be issuing a case to each student.

What are some ways I can take good care of my Chromebook?



Use the issued bag for your Chromebook. The Chromebook must be carried in your bag at all times. When not being used in the classroom, your Chromebook must remain safely stored in your bag.

DO NOT, use any cleanser of any type. Students will be shown the proper way to care for their Chromebook during the orientation.

Keep your Chromebooks in a locked classroom during lunch and all assemblies.

DO NOT, clean with any paper product.

Feel free to personalize your trackpad settings and other preferences.

DO NOT, use your bag as a locker. Please be mindful of the what you are putting into your computer bag.

Consult your Teacher Librarian/Media Specialist if you have any questions.

DO NOT, stack heavy materials or books on top of your Chromebook.

Keep your personal passwords for your Chromebook private.

DO NOT, leave your Chromebook in your car or in direct sunlight. Chromebooks should not be placed in areas of extreme heat or cold.

Report any damage to your Chromebook right away.

DO NOT, leave your Chromebook in an unlocked car, locker, or other unsupervised area.

Do I have to update the software on my Chromebook?

The Chromebook will update automatically. There is no need to turn in your device for technology updates. You should, however, expect to have your Chromebook inspected regularly for appropriate care and use.

Appropriate Use at Home and at School

The Internet at Clear Creek Amana High School is currently filtered with the intent of blocking inappropriate content while at school. Students are allowed to connect to wireless internet connections and this same school filter will apply regardless of location (school, home, public wifi). It is important to note that the Internet is hard to contain and not all materials will be caught by the filters. Students are expected to uphold the Board Policy of Appropriate Internet and Use at all times while using school issued technology (Board Policy 605.6). This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Chromebooks Left at Home or in Repair

Expectations within the school classroom

As with the use of cell phones or other devices, it is expected that students will heed the directions and requests of their teachers regarding use of the Chromebook.  The Chromebook should not be opened and used unless instructed by the teacher to do so.


Screen damage is $50 for each repair. A flat fee of $25 will be charged for any damage except for screen repair. If the damage is deemed to be gross negligence, the cost will be determined by the administration. Some examples might include spilling fluid on the Chromebook, leaving the device outside in the rain, or other events that are preventable with good care.

Should the repairs present a financial burden, optional arrangements can be made.

Student FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the 1:1 team responses

Student Questions

1:1 Team Responses

Do we have to use the case next year?

Yes, you will have to have the Chromebook in a case anytime you are carrying the device.

Are you allowed to bring your own device?

No. Our technology department will be supporting the Chromebooks and will NOT be supporting other student devices.

Why are we getting a Chromebook?

After a careful study, the leadership group chose to go with a Chromebook. This decision was based on the capabilities of the Chromebook  and the price point. The group piloted seven different Chromebooks.

Will you have your own charger?

Yes, however we want the Chromebook charged each day when you get to school.

Will you have more homework on computer?

You will probably be asked to do more work on the Chromebook both at school and home.

Will you use the computer all day?

No. The Chromebook use will vary from class to class.

Do you have to bring the Chromebook  to every class?

No. There will likely be some classes in which the teacher asks you not to bring the Chromebook.

Will you be able to take the Chromebook home?

Yes, please do!

Could I put the Chromebook in my backpack?

Yes, but the Chromebook still needs to be inside the case you will be given by the school.

Can we download games?

You will be able to play web based games at appropriate times. You will NOT be able to download games.

Can we do social networking on the Chromebook?

Yes at appropriate times.

Can we put a credit card on the chromebook to purchase things?


Will the Chromebooks be used by someone else when we are return them?


Will we keep the Chromebooks the entire year?


In the new building will there be charging stations?

There will be many outlets, however we want Chromebooks charged when they come to school.

Will there be a fee if you break it?

Yes, please refer to policy part 2.

Will we have a planner on the Chromebook?


Do we get to bring them home over the summer?

We have not determined this yet.

Can we personalize the Chromebooks?

Yes with screensavers and skins. DO NOT AFFIX STICKERS TO THE CHROMEBOOKS.

Will the school see what we’re doing?

Yes. There will be a program that allows teachers to see your screen while you are on our campus. We also can review the sites you have visited at all times.

How will we do math and science on the Chromebooks?

All of your teachers will be learning about new ways to use the Chromebooks as a tool in all of your classes to improve learning.

Can we buy our own case?

A carrying case will be provided. You may have options to buy a skin from the school.

How will it impact our learning?

The Chromebook will be a new tool to enhance your learning.

What if the Chromebooks crashes?

There will be loaners on hand in the library.

Will you be able to read books on them?

Yes. See Ms. Biger.

In Which classes will we be using them?


Could one buy the old Chromebooks from the school to keep?

Not at this time.

How will we print from them?

You will be asked to share documents and not print. There will be printing stations in the library you may use.

How will we practice handwriting if we do everything on the computer?

You won’t do everything on computer.

Will there be a tracking device in the computer to track them?


What happens if you lose it?

See policy part 2.

Can we be seen through the camera?


What if there is no WiFi at home?

You can work offline through the Chromebook.

Will there be training for students on how to use the Chromebooks?


When will we get the Chromebooks? The first day of school?

Monday, August 17 (9th and 10th)

Tuesday, August 18 (11th and 12th) 6:00-8:00

Will we do everything on the Chromebooks?


What happens if it isn’t charged and we need it for class?

It’s the expectation that your Chromebook starts the day charged.

Can we use things like Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Yes, at appropriate times.

Will we need to bring our own headphones?

Yes, each student needs earbuds. We will have some for sale in the library.

Do we have certain kinds of headphones we have to use?


Can we have locks on our locker so we can leave them there during PE, Lunch, Art, Band, Choir.

Yes, you will be given a lock to put on your locker and there will be carts to store them in if they are not in use during that class.  

Do we get to set our own password?

Yes, you will set your own passwords, but the school can reset them.  

Parent/Guardian/Student Agreement, 2015-2016 School Year


(Please Print)Student Name:__________________________     Graduation Year:_______________

Please read the following statements and discuss the expectations with your student.  The student and parent needs to initial in agreement next to each line before receiving a device.

The following points reiterate expectations of use and care of the school-issued Chromebook





I will bring my Chromebook to school every day fully charged.

I will not leave my Chromebook unattended unless it is locked in a secure place.  My family is fully responsible for the cost of a replacement should my Chromebook become lost or stolen due to “gross negligence” as determined by the administration.

I understand that my family may be financially responsible for damage as a result of gross negligence to my Chromebook as determined by administration.

I will not duplicate or distribute copyrighted materials I do not own.

I will keep the Chromebook lid fully closed and in it’s bag whenever it is not in use or being moved from one point to another.

I will not attempt to install or modify the operating system on the Chromebook to anything other than the Chrome OS system supported by the district.  I will not attempt to remove or change the physical structure of the Chromebook, including the keys, screen cover, or plastic casing.  

I will report any problems with my Chromebook to a member of the Technology Support Staff in a timely manner.

I will not share my password(s) with anyone other than my parents/guardians.

If I leave CCASD for any reason (change schools, move, etc). I will return my Chromebook to the school office prior to my last day.

I have read the expectations for proper care and I agree to these conditions.  

Student Signature:                                                                                   Date:

Parent Signature:                                                                                     Date: