To our community,

In light of recent developments with COVID-19, we have gathered a quick list of resources to disseminate to our community.

Below, you will find links to mutual aid funds, which are both accepting donations and disseminating funds to those who apply, as well as petitions & letters of action to the government requesting to freeze rent, mortgages and utilities; and appealing for income supports for those in precarious work situations who have lost income due to COVID-19.

Please take a look through these resources and share within your networks.

Additionally, if you have any resources you would like to contribute, please e-mail us at the, and we will continually update the resources listed here.

With care,
The Margin of Eras Gallery / CUE
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Mutual Aid Funds >> many of these initiatives are both accepting donations and disseminating funds:

  • TOArtist COVID Response Fund by Toronto Arts Council
  • COVID-19 Global Emergency Relief Fund for High-Risk Black Folks by BAU (Black Artists Union)
  • Donate at:
  • Curating Care by Aboriginal Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones
  • Emergency Survival Fund for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, tip-based workers by Glad Day Bookshop
  • Artist Relief Fund by Trinity Square Video, in partnership with Canada Helps
  • COVID-19: Emergency Support Fund for Sex Workers by Maggie’s Toronto
  • Black Emergency Support Fund from BLMTO
  • North American Mutual Aid Fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC Folks
  • Toronto Dancers COVID-19 Relief Fund
  • Canadian Low-Income Artist/Musician Relief Fund
  • Format Photographer Relief Fund
  • Woodcock Fund Grant — emergency funds for writers mid-project
  • NABS financial assistance for media, marketing, and communications pros
  • The AFC — Emergency financial aid for entertainment pros
  • Montreal Restaurant Relief Fund

Community Response Initiatives

  • Emergency Food Support Request by Dames Making Games (Toronto)
  • Emergency Good Food Response Donations by Greenest City (Toronto)
  • Black Creek Community Farms > Has been making emergency food boxes to deliver to folks in Jane & Finch community. Please support their initiative by donating below:
  • COVID-19 Relief Effort by Canadian Muslim Response Network > Various kits containing essential groceries as well as hygiene and sanitation products to the elderly and families in dire needs will be distributed to hundreds of homes across the country in the coming weeks. Volunteer or seek support at the link below:
  • Friendly Neighbour Hotline by Open Lab at UHN > a single phone number seniors living in low-income housing in Toronto can call, connected to a network of volunteers throughout the city who can help with picking up groceries and household essentials during this difficult time. Volunteer or seek support at the link below:
  • Asian Unification Project > The goal of this project is to provide support for elderly & immunocompromised Asian communities by delivering groceries or running errands, minimizing the contact they have with the outside. Volunteer & request support below:

Political Actions / Petitions + Letters To Gov't re: COVID-19

  • Parkdale Organize: Keep Your Rent! (Toronto-Specific)
  • “Support Migrant Demands! COVID-19 Response Must Leave No One Behind” by Migrant Rights Network
  • Street Nurses Network and Allies Demand Immediate Measures to Prevent Homeless Deaths Related to COVID-19 (Toronto)
  • “Contain COVID19, Not People.” by Toronto Prisoners' Rights Project & other allied associations
  • “Enact legislation stopping the payment of rent on April 1st for all residential tenants in Ontario!” by Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations
  • “Demand a COVID-19 Emergency Basic Income” in Canada by UBI Works

As of March 18th, a number of the issues brought up in the actions below were (partially) addressed by the Canadian Gov’t. However, there has been no official policy put in place to freeze rent payments, and a number of financial supports are still to be fully fleshed out. Read about the Government of Canada’s Economic Response Plan below, as well as a critique of the supports provided thus far:

  • Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan: Support for Canadians and Businesses
  • Government of Canada: Making EI claims specific to COVID-19
  • The Devil Is In The Details: Critique of Trudeau's COVID-19 Aid Package

  • Urgent Action: Eviction Freeze, Rent Flexibility, EI for All, Loan Payment Freeze. by ACORN Canada
  • Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario
  • Cancel rent and mortgage payments during Covid-19 on
  • Covid-19 Support for Entrepreneurs, Consultants & Gig Economy & Part-time Workers on
  • Letter by Downtown Legal Services (unfortunately this cannot be signed but it can be circulated on socials to raise awareness?)
  • Tell the Federal Government to Support Workers Amid COVID-19 by Broadbent Institute

Other Resources

  • “COVID-19 Resources” — A resource sheet consolidating a number of grassroots resources re: Mutual Aid, Disability Justice, and Community Care; Holistic Health; Organizing & Activism; Critical Political Analysis and more.
  • COVID-19 Toronto Resources App
  • Resources for Canadian artists, writers and media workers during COVID-19 shutdowns
  • COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources
  • COVID-19 Resources by Women In Sound
  • COVID-19 Supports for Creating Mutual Aid Pods by Parkdale People’s Economy
  • The 519: Mental Health, Housing & Newcomer Services (available by Phone & Online);
  • Images are also embedded at the end of this document (scroll to the last two pages!)
  • “COVID-19 Guidance and Resources” for Drop-ins by Toronto Drop-In Network
  • Toronto Community Supports (Drop-Ins & Food Banks; Mental Health Supports; Emergency Housing & Tenant Supports, Artist Resources, etc.) during COVID closure by SKETCH Toronto
  • Sex Work & COVID-19 by Maggie’s Toronto
  • Free / Low Cost Mental Health Resources in Toronto
  • Mental Health Resources -  COVID19
  • Coronavirus & OCD
  • “Half Assed Disabled Prepper Tips for Preparing for a Coronavirus Quarantine”
  • Update on COVID-19 for Employers: Ontario to Amend the ESA to Protect Jobs
  • The Bad Boss Report > We are labour activists and fellow workers in Toronto who came together through the Caremongering-TO project. We are upset that some bosses are making their employees work under conditions that could spread COVID-19. The changes to EI aren’t enough. People should be able to stay home to self-isolate and get paid; or if they want to work, they need safe working conditions.

  • Coronavirus Sanity Guide by Ten Percent Happier
  • COVID-19 Recovery > a website made to spread the awareness of the positive news during the COVID-19 pandemic to not lose hope and also to provide the audience with activity tips and memes whilst they are self-quarantined.
  • “How the caremongering movement is winning, and how to help” by Activist’s Toolkit on
  • Explaining COVID-19 and Coronavirus to children
  • Self Isolation Poster Prints by Winster Creations