2017 Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule

May 22, 23, & 24, 2017

DAY 1 – Monday, May 22 – Social Studies & Math

COMPUTER COLLECTION - Help Desk on 3rd floor Donnelly Building


8:00-9:15           Commons: World Geography (Nielsen/Stewart)

                        Windmoor: Psychology  (O’Flaherty)

9:30-10:45        Windmoor: World History  (O’Flaherty & Stewart)

                Commons: US History (Whitney & Papineau)

BREAK – Auditorium & Library are Open for Silent Study ONLY

                (Bring own lunch, Eat outside or in Gym Only)


11:00 - 1:30        Textbook Collection: 2nd Floor Donnelly

12:00-1:15        Gym: Algebra I and Advanced Algebra I/II

Commons: Algebra II  

Others (per teacher request): Verheyen


1:30-2:45        Commons: Geometry & Honors Algebra II/Geometry


DAY 2 – Tuesday , May 23 – Theology & Science



8:00-9:15        Windmoor: Old Testament Foundations  (Bertalott)  (Greene proctor)

                Commons: Gospels & Christology  (Boland) (Good proctor)

9:30-10:45        Windmoor: Christian Morality (Greene)  (Boland proctor)

Windmoor Chapel:   Ecclesiology (Good)

BREAK – Auditorium & Library are Open for Silent Study ONLY

                (Bring own lunch, Eat outside or  in Gym Only)


12:00-1:15        Windmoor: Biology (Stranz)

                Verheyen: Biology & Anatomy I (Carlson)

Commons: Chemistry & Honors Chemistry (Rietbrock)

                D302: Advanced Biology (Blake / BLUE Class / you will need your Netbook)

1:30-2:45        Windmoor: Conceptual Physical Science (CPS) and Biology (Montag)

                Verheyen: Anatomy II (Carlson)

                Commons: Chemistry (Scott)

                D302: Advanced Biology (Blake / RED Class / you will need your Netbook)

DAY 3 – Wednesday, May 24 – English & World Language


8:00-9:15        Commons: English I & Advanced English I (Weber & Jacquin)

                Windmoor: English I & American Literature  (Absher’s classes only)

M308: World Literature (Quick)

9:30-10:45        Commons: Advanced World Literature (Himes)

                Windmoor: World Literature (Weber)

                Gym: Advanced World Literature (Quick)

        BREAK – Auditorium & Library are Open for Silent Study ONLY

                (Bring own lunch, Eat outside or in Gym Only)        


12:00-1:15        Windmoor: Latin 1, 2 and College Latin 3 (Marquis & Amick)

                Gym: Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 (Gargallo, Lopez, Garcia, & Amigo)

1:30-2:45        Windmoor: French 1, 2 and College French 3 (Amick & Marquis)

                        Gym: Spanish 3 and College Spanish 3 (Gargallo, Lopez, Garcia & Amigo)

Students MUST  HAVE textbooks or money for a lost textbook in order to take the exam.  Softbound books cost $25 and hardbound books are equal to the price of a new book.

HELP DESK - Location for submitting Tablets/accessories

Tablets, cords and bags must be returned after finals have been completed.  YOU must backup all your files to a flash drive or iCloud such as Google Docs prior to turning in your tablet.