Parish Visitor


PURPOSE: The Parish Visitor is to attempt to make personal visits in the available time to those in retirement homes, hospitals and those unable to attend worship services or in need of additional support from the congregation with providing a  safe, friendly, welcoming environment that reflects our inclusive values as a United Church of Christ congregation.


HOURS: The Parish Visitor is allowed up to 30 hours monthly to visit members outside of church as well as to attend meetings as requested by Senior Pastor. 

COMPENSATION: $10.00-$15.00 an hour,  plus mileage reimbursement for those visits based on current federal mileage reimbursement rates at time of pay.

SAFE CHURCH TRAINING: As part of our church’s commitment to the best practices for the care and safety of all children, a background check is required and Safe Church Training is provided.




Email your resume and cover letter to Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel, Senior  Pastor