Type of meeting                Board Meeting, Placerville Natural Foods Co-op        

Date and Time                October 26th 2015, 6:05 – 7:42 pm

Place                                PNFC upstairs meeting room

Facilitator                        John LePouvior                

Note taker                        Alan Fuller

Attendees                        John Le Pouvoir, Karen Wolfenden, Ruthie Loeffelbein, Pam                        Roberts, Doug Speakman, Robynn Paxton Katz, Brad Salmon

Absent                        none

Guests _                        Mickey Kaiserman

John convened the meeting at 6:05.  He introduced the guest, founding board member Mickey Kaiserman, and asked him if would like to make a presentation.  Mickey said he would offer some information later in the meeting.

Motion by Pam, second by Doug to approve the minutes of the September 28th meeting after removal of strikeovers and typos, passed unanimously.

Motion by Karen, second by Ruthie to approve new members 1411 through 1422, passed unanimously.

Open Dialog:  Mickey explained the circumstances of the original business transaction with David Harde, including the building lease, equipment lease, inventory loan, etc.  There followed a lively discussion by all board members and the GM regarding possible renegotiations with David.  Brad said any renegotiation should include discontinuance   of the equipment lease.  Robynn said she is getting a property appraisal.

Brad said there had been no responses to the logo contest.  He showed the board several draft logos; none received the board’s approval.

GM Report:  

Brad passed out an informal informational report, and answered a number of questions from the board about it.  He explained there are still anomalies in the report due to past inaccurate reporting.  He spoke of the necessity of continuing to cut margins in order to attract customers.  He said deli margins are higher than in other departments, as is deli growth.  He has hired a new employee who is finding many products on the shelves without adequate pricing info.  

Board Meeting Schedule:

The board discussed pros and cons of changing the meeting schedule.  It was decided   to leave the schedule as it is.  Policy reports will be made available to the board at the scheduled meeting at the end of the month following the end of each quarter.

Motion by Karen, second by Robynn to authorize the General Manager to apply for up to $75,000 line of credit for equipment leases, passed unanimously.  

The annual members’ meeting is scheduled for November 7th, with a potluck at 1:00.  Election results will be presented at the meeting.  

Board calendar:  the next meeting will be held at 6 pm on November 30th.

Gleanings:  The article will go out this week.  Topics suggested included the annual meeting, the board retreat just held, and the recent board training in Sacramento.

Motion to adjourn at 7:42 by Ruthie, second by Pam.